Your Devices Act As ATMs
When CBDCs Begin

By Jane Lim | July 20, 2023

Your Devices Become ATMs For Social Media, Blockchain Servers And Online Stores Through CBDCs

An image of blockchain servers (electronic devices) connected with the lord of money (FRB shareholders) who invest in the blockchain servers.

Once CBDCs begin, your devices may serve as ATMs (Automated Teller Machines).  You are no longer computer or mobile phone users.  The cryptocurrencies stored on your computers can serve as ATMs at your home for the companies above.   Your operating systems are often controlled by the servers.    Similarly, your devices may be remotely controlled by the blockchain servers. 

Once your devices act as ATMs, their sales revenue will skyrocket because consumers may not be allowed to delete their payment methods any longer.   Since the moving force of cryptocurrencies is these companies, the Universal Basic Income (UBI) may have to be funded by these companies.

If Bitcoins serve as Jesuits who had secretly penetrated into foreign countries in order to spy on the foreign countries in 1500s-1800s, CBCDs serve as Freemasons who were officially invited by foreign countries in order to officially allow them to spy on their countries in 1900s-2000s.  The hidden directors notify you of the ownership of money by printing All-Seeing Eye on the fiat currency.

Blockchain technology servers monitor your CBDC transactions.  This strategy was inspired by Trojan Horse which was invented by the Greeks and the strategy was evolved as All-Seeing Eye which was invented by Jewish Freemasons.

Your digital phones often act like smart spies against you.  Your phones act like the hat (a spying gadget) of Valentine (Samuel Jackson) in Kingsman: The Secret Service.  Likewise, CBDCs (D stands for digital) act as All-Seeing Eye, which is the spying eyes of Freemasonry whose symbol appears in US dollar bills and in communist countries. 

When you use electronic devices such as computers and digital phones, your documents (intellectual properties) are exposed to the servers or unknown users who remotely control your devices.  You can easily predict what will happen to your digital currencies (electronic money) stored on your electronic devices.  Your computer operating system and smart phones have served as All-Seeing Eye.  CBDCs and Bitcoins will do more.  CBDC servers can monitor or limit your transactions.  If a transparent centralization is an excuse of CBDCs, an incognito decentralization of monetary operation is an excuse of Bitcoins.  However, who are behind both CBDCs and Bitcoins?  Who have access to both currencies?  Who is playing good cops and bad cops? Who is playing God for 7.8 billion global citizens again? 

Why were Bitcoins used first in the UK to buy a home? 

Is the lord of money introducing Bitcoins to the housing market?  If Bill Gates is not Satoshi Nakamoto, Satoshi Nakamoto may be the nickname of the lord of money in the City of London, whose family is the patentee of COVID-19.  Otherwise, Satoshi may be a shareholder of IBM (IBM was established in the UK in 1912, BlackRock owns 8% of IBM’s shares) or a shareholder of Microsoft (BlackRock owns 6.8% of Microsoft shares).    Read the relevant article here.