Who Will Own
All CBDCs And Bitcoins In The End?

By Jane Lim | Updated on July 27, 2023 | Posted on July 22, 2023

Who Will Own All CBDCs And Bitcoins In The End?

An image of US dollar symbol, which is known as the symbol (snake) of Illuminati or Freemasonry.

Are CBDCs public currencies and are Bitcoins private currencies?  Not all CBDCs are public assets and Bitcoins are not always private assets either.  The twelve FRB shareholders in the US are private bankers not governors.  FRB shareholders own nearly all banks across the world including IMF and the World Bank.  Therefore, FRB shareholders will operate CBDCs worldwide meaning that CBDCs are not public assets just like the US dollar bills are not.  FRB shareholders may think that you have been borrowing their private assets.   Then, why are Bitcoins not always private assets?   You can read this article, Are Bankman-Fried And Zuckerberg CIA Agents Working For The Lord Of Money? to find out how Bitcoins end up being engulfed by FRB shareholders.

FRB shareholders are not governors but private bankers who control IMF and the World Bank.  Therefore, CBDC owners are not your governments.  Who can easily cause bankruptcies to your central banks in that case?   They are the shareholders of IMF and the World Bank from which your central banks will borrow money during WW3.  Therefore, who will monitor and control CBDCs across the world?

Bitcoins are recorded on the same blockchain on which CBDCs are recorded meaning that both Bitcoins and CBDCs can be easily investigated without a warrant.   Both can be recorded on the same blockchain technology meaning that the servers (Microsoft and IBM) can have access to both CBDCs and Bitcoins.  This could mean that FRB shareholders and those blockchain servers (enterprises) upgraded their status as governors at this time.  This could also  mean that the cryptocurrency servers can become the new owners of all global assets in the end.   Who owns your files saved on your cloud server when you die?   You can lose CBDCs and Bitcoins both to FRB shareholders because FRB shareholders control the prices of CBDCs and Bitcoins both. 

Are Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Samsung, Sony, PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Google not merely replacing banks since their products or services require digital payments?  Their advertisements become easier than before thanks to the digital payments that can keep customers' wallets on their servers and track consumer behaviour forever.   Somehow, consumers may feel that they are being held hostage by those stores if they cannot delete their payment methods and if their privacy is violated.   More seriously, who will be responsible for the loss of money?

You may feel like your boat was hijacked in the ocean by a pirate because the ownership has changed from you to blockchain servers (Cloud service providers) when it comes to the control of your wallets.   If you lose your control, who owns your money? These online companies would be highly motivated to invest in COVID-19 pandemic byproducts such as vaccines since lockdowns force customers to spend more cryptocurrencies at home in the future. 

If bankers shut down their banks to cut off employees upon introducing virtual currencies, does it mean that the owners of the two currencies (non-virtual and virtual) have changed?  This planned recession seems to help lay off bank employees in order to move forward CBDCs, which will be operated by the same players such as FRB and FRB shareholders who have invested in those online companies.  Offline banks and bank employees will be replaced with blockchain servers while the final beneficiaries remain the same because they are the same investors such as FRB shareholders who have invested in blockchain technology providers.  Nothing will change except the fact that offline banks are replaced with online blockchain servers.  The money chain does not change.  CBDCs are encrypted digital currencies.  The US CBDC will replace US dollar bills in the US and may replace foreign currencies in 195 UN member states in the end because it is the fiat currency as of today.  The shareholders of FRB are merely transformed into the shareholders of the US CBDC.  

WW3 can be problematic to globalists (Freemasons) who have business units across the world, which is the reason why Bill Gates will make many trips to China to protect his assets.  Who has the biggest share in FRB, IMF and the World Bank?  Who will be the owner of all CBDCs across the world?  

The monetary system is the biggest threat to global citizens because the Ponzi scheme manager (the lord of money) can own all currencies in the present monetary system.  The actual owners of US CBDC are Freemasons whose symbol blatantly appears in dollar bills.  Therefore, who are the actual owners of CBDCs?  Knights Templar, Jesuits, Illuminati and Freemasons (FRB shareholders) have never been loyal to any country, which was the reason for being exiled from many countries including France, Germany and Russia in the past.  They have always remained as spies wherever they go.  Only the UK and the US did not exile them.   Their major hosts were Egypt, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.  They moved to the US, Russia, China and Korea.  The US has faced this crisis since 1800s while European countries have faced the same crisis since the first Crusade.

If digitization of currencies is inevitable, the prerequisite should be removal of private bankers and private blockchain servers from the equation since they are not loyal to your countries meaning that they can use the financial information stored on the blockchain servers against your countries.  If Bitcoins may serve as Jesuits, who had secretly penetrated into foreign countries in order to spy on the foreign countries in 1500s-1800s, CBCDs may serve as Freemasons, who were officially invited by foreign countries in order to officially allow them to spy on their countries in 1900s-2000s.  The hidden directors have notified you of the ownership by printing All-Seeing Eye on the fiat currency.  They become the owners of all CBDCs in the end according to the law of capitalism as below.

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender (Proverbs 22:7).

Blockchain technology servers monitor your CBDC transactions.  This strategy was inspired by Trojan Horse, which was invented by the Greeks and the strategy was evolved as All-Seeing Eye, which was invented by Jewish Freemasons.  Freemasons have evolved to control the global economy much faster than before thanks to CBDCs.  As of June 2, 2023, more than 80% of central banks are investigating CBDCs for retail payments.  

Although you do not need to pay commissions for money transfer or exchange if you use CBDCs, the biggest question is who owns your CBDC since FRB shareholders are not your government.  They are interested in increasing their assets not your country’s assets.  The biggest FRB shareholders will eventually take over all CBDCs across the world because they are the biggest shareholders of IMF and the World Bank.  All cryptocurrencies will be funneled into the biggest FRB shareholder in the long run.  What will happen during WW3?  Nearly all countries will be indebted and will borrow money from IMF and the World Bank. 

You are running out of time to raise your voice to protect the ownership of your assets.  How can we prevent this life-threatening crisis permanently?  Why are the US, Russia,  China and North Korea taking orders from the same director while they appear to fight?  Why does Trump wear a red tie that is the symbol of communism?  Why are they weaving a web for the same director?  Why do you think they launched COVID-19 vaccines along with CBDCs?   Who are Freemasons?  How have Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles, Rothschilds and Pope Francis become Freemasons?   Find the answers in my book series 2.    The relevant article and image can be found at Your Devices Act As ATMs When CBDCs Begin.