Why Do Russia And China
Use CBDCs?

By Jane Lim | July 25, 2023

CBDCs Cut Off Bank Commissions But They Can Also Cut Off Your Purchasing Power

An image of a mobile phone showing CBDCs.

Russia and China have already started using CBDCs.  If your CBDC is accepted by all nations across the world, you do not need to pay unnecessary multiple commissions to bankers (middlemen) whenever you exchange your local currency to a foreign currency and whenever you transfer your currency to a foreign country.  Therefore, those two countries have been motivated to use CBDCs to cut off the unnecessary cost and replace the fiat currency eventually.   Since both CBDCs and Bitcoins can be recorded on a blockchain, they are borderless.   The reduced cost of transactions can greatly benefit globalists, travelers, foreign students and traders.

However, the real reason of CBDCs is to reset the global economy so that the lord of money can confiscate all digital currencies in the end.  Bankers become richer if more countries are indebted across the world.  They take over small banks using interest rates as exemplified by SVB.   Ladybugs fly to another leaf after they eat up one leaf.  The US cannot afford to increase debts any longer.  Therefore, the directors of WW3 would seek another host or more hosts.   Who would create wars between capitalists and communists in order to sell weapons and money and further to conquer them all at once without bleeding their own blood at all?    This strategy is a subject of my book series 2 (638 pages).

Should Freemasons be your governors?  Should they be allowed to own Earth through IMF and the World Bank?  Masons conceived a big dream (strategy) to conquer the world as you can see the Bible below.

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender (Proverbs 22:7).

In 1871, banks could have been held hostage by revolutionary French communists in Paris.  In 2023, FRB shareholders outsmarted revolutionists by converting the offline currency to the online currency and by laying off bank employees thanks to the planned COVID-19 pandemic that enabled CBDCs without resistance. They outsmarted revolutionists by being revolutionists at this time.  

This strategy is very common to pathogens that transfer their genes to the hosts to survive antibodies of the hosts.   By acting like the host, the host is confused between its own cell and pathogenic cells.  Likewise, American citizens are confused between the US Treasury and FRB shareholders because these shareholders act like the host while they are not.  FRB shareholders became parasitic to the US by buying Treasury bonds from the new host (US) in 1776.   Before the US, their former hosts were the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Russia.   This has something to do with the Statue of Liberty, which was moved from France to the US in 1884.   Find out more in my book series 2.

When your company starts selling stocks to the public, who owns your company in the end?  Since the US sold Treasury bonds to foreigners (FRB shareholders) in 1776, who has acted like the presidents of the US for 247 years?

In 2022, Russia's external debt is only 17% of Russia's GDP and China's external debt is only 13.6% of China's GDP.  Therefore, who is smarter than the US Treasury?   FRB shareholders control the hosting countries through Treasury bonds, which were invented by the same family, who invented COVID-19.   This is a major subject of my book series 2, Part I.

Parasitic fungi control the hosts by shifting the metabolic pathway of the hosts in order to steal nutrients.  Likewise, FRB shareholders control the hosting countries by  shifting the currency pathway of your country's Treasury in order to steal the money, which is the reason for the bankruptcy of the US Treasury in October 2022.  Through the COVID-19 lockdowns, they created a reason for Mergers And Acquisitions, for not paying remittances to the US Treasury and for more loan customers who were programmed to be bankrupt soon so that they can benefit from foreclosures.

Why does this affect the entire nation now?  It is because the US dollar is the fiat currency.  In 1776, FRB shareholders (Closet-Converso Jesuits) took control over the hosting country, the US, through Treasury bonds, which were invented by the family, who also invented COVID-19.   What is the common condition of foreign debts (Treasury bonds) and vaccines?  The hosts do not know that they are hosting something parasitic.  This is the condition that the US embraced in 1776 (American Revolution 1) and under which all global citizens have been forced to live.

Russia and China appear to fight against these parasitic relationships by using their own CBDCs in order to protect their money against the Ponzi scheme, which I discussed previously.  By using this dilemma (Pro-CBDCs and Anti-CBDCs), the directors of WW3 (the lord of money) are weaving a web to control all countries.  A war is the most convenient vehicle to create new hosts and to move to the new hosts.  CBDCs are like a double-edged sword that could kill you and your enemy both.  The reason is because the moving force is FRB shareholders, who have weaponized money to take over countries by loaning money that those countries need after FRB shareholders create wars.  

Who invented COVID-19, the reason for WW3?  Who is the driving force to implement the planned WW3?  Only the presidential candidates, who understand these hidden enemies, will save the US and further 195 UN member states.  Only the remedy for the US to survive WW3 is to avoid WW3 and get rid of parasites by not fighting the war that the parasites created.  Again, who created COVID-19 and its pandemic (the silent war)?  This is the key to avoiding WW3 that opens a door for conscription, confiscation, and the beginning of a new slavery system.  

Cryptocurrencies are recorded on blockchains. Therefore, it would be risky to use them during WW3 without knowing who can control the blockchainsThe question is whether Russia and China are fighting against the US or FRB shareholders and who is behind Russia and China.  Find out the answers in my book series 2.