What Happened To Robin Hood
Can Happen To You
Through CBDCs And Vaccines
During WW3

By Jane Lim | July 18, 2023

Blockchain Records Of CBDCs And Vaccines Streamline Conscription And Confiscation Of Assets During WW3

An image of A thumbnail image of "Vaccines and CBDCs" are being compared with "Robin Hood's Arrow and Bitcoins."

Robin was drafted by a corrupt sheriff to fight in the third Crusade.   When he returned home, he found that his real estate properties and liquid assets (money) had been seized by the corrupt sheriff who had falsely reported his death.  A corrupt cardinal exiled the citizens out of their home town and enslaved them in a coal mine town.  Since money had been stolen by the corrupt church that funded for the third Crusade, Robin wanted to end the war by stealing the money taken from the citizens.  

The story of Robin Hood does not seem to be unrealistic in WW3 when governments rush to launch CBDCs prior to WW3 that can justify conscription and confiscation.  Unclaimed assets are confiscated by FDIC according to FDIC news on December 14, 2020.  Inactive bank accounts are turned over to the State Treasury. 

CBDCs make this process extremely easy in case soldiers or residents die because cryptocurrencies are recorded on the same blockchain servers that record your biometric data such as vaccination or death.   This is how Bill Gates had been involved with vaccines and Microsoft cryptocurrency (2018).  Your concerns should be not only enemy states but also blockchain servers such as Microsoft and IBM that could help seize your assets during WW3.

BTS (K-Pop band) was chosen to inject subliminal advertisement of military service into young boys’ minds prior to WW3. The King’s Man was timely released in 2021 to draft young boys to WW3.

The founder of FTX is Sam Bankman-Friend.  FTX charges Bitcoin investors trading fees whenever it sells an FTX-created crypto token.  It filed for bankruptcy on November 11, 2022. 

Bitcoins are known as a medium for all black market activities online.  Sam may have acted as Robin Hood when he filed for bankruptcy after he had donated $5 million to a presidential candidate, Joe Biden in 2020.  An undercover cop would give a soon-to-be-bounced check to a suspect only to search for the suspect’s bank account numbers without intent to make a payment at all.

Bitcoins allow investors to hide their identities. However, their transactions are still recorded on blockchain servers meaning that their hidden identities can be discovered by the device ids and by the blockchain servers.  The directors of both CBDCs and Bitcoins are likely the same people who are acting as good cops and bad cops.

A Ponzi Scheme That Results In Bankruptcy

A cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins can be used for laundering as speculated in the case of Ukraine and FTX.  However, this news may be strategic prior to the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to the world.  Central banks would not want FTX to sell decentralized coins such as Bitcoins.

There is no chance that FRB (Federal Reserve Board/Banks) shareholders have not known that FTX was using a Ponzi scheme because the Ponzi scheme has been used by banks for hundreds of years.  Readers are advised not to be confused between First Republic Bank (FRB) and Federal Reserve Bank (FRB).

FTX is another Ponzi scheme that was destined to bankrupt itself and that is why Binance pulled out of FTX in advance.  This is the same reason why China and Japan have poised to back further away from the US Treasury bonds.

Sam’s house arrest seems very timely since it happened after many countries had adopted CBDCs without their citizens’ consent.  Likewise, in 2017 and 2018, UN member states had timely imported COVID-19 testing kits before COVID-19 pandemic began in 2019.  FTX filed for bankruptcy in 2022 after FTX had donated $5 million to Biden in 2020.  If Biden received the donation in Bitcoin and if he did not sell it before FTX bankruptcy, his Bitcoin asset became zero.  Sam Bankman-Friend’s arrest may have been strategically planned in order to promote CBDCs because CBDCs are advertised as relatively stable public currencies while they are not.   FRB shareholders are private bankers who will operate CBDCs. Therefore, not all CBDCs are publicly owned.  US CBDC cannot be stable because their operation is based on a Ponzi scheme, which is a reason for WW3.

If FRB shareholders exist, in other words, if prices of money (interests) exist, the US Treasury will continue to use the Ponzi scheme to pay off debts with new debts when the Treasury bonds mature.  Therefore, 195 UN member states are destined to be bankrupted by the domino effect because US dollar is the fiat currency that affects the global economy.  The outcome of a Ponzi scheme is always bankruptcy as seen in the FTX bankruptcy.

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

In the Us, 528 banks collapsed between 2008 and 2017.  25 banks collapsed in 2008.  In the same year, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a blockchain technology.  It is not clear whether his name Satoshi Nakamoto is fictitious or not.  It is suspicious that he vanished from the public eye after he created Bitcoins and the blockchain technology.  10 years later, in 2018, Bill Gates’ Microsoft submitted a patent application for a cryptocurrency (application number ends with 060606).

Is Bill Gates A Spy?

The first computer of IBM was invented in the UK (1912) in order to spy on enemy states.  IBM was loyal to Queen Elizabeth II and now it is loyal to King Charles.  Bill Gates received the title KBE, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2005.  Who are behind CBDCs and Bitcoins other than FRB shareholders?

How will you protect your assets if you are drafted for WW3?  Will you do what Robin Hood did?  How did the Roman Catholic Church systemize the present monetary system through Knights Templar who became Freemasons in the UK?  

A new monetary system can eliminate the need to borrow money or pay interests.   Find out the answers in my book series 2, Directors Of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3: New Economic Systems To Prevent Biowar, Recession And Paradoxical Vaccination.