And Antibodies

By Jane Lim | Updated on November 30, 2022 | Posted on July 29, 2020

How Does Your Intelligence Affect Antibodies?  Why Do You Feel Cold When Infected?

How Does Your Intelligence Affect Antibodies?

When your computer is unplugged, without electrons, your computer cannot process information.  Likewise, when your body lacks electrons, you likely fail to produce antibodies to the pathogens injected by vaccines.  Parasitic fungi disrupt your Electron Transport Chain (ETC) and you lose electrons and gain acids (metabolites of parasitic fungal metabolism are acids) as a result.    Bacteria, fungi and viruses cause organisms to lose electrons, which is the reason for the hosts to feel cold in the beginning and generate body heat later to offset the loss.   This body heat is often erroneously called fever.  You have been erroneously taught to avoid this intelligent reaction.

Electrons are the information carriers.  Your cellular intelligence is possible through electrons.  Which foods provide you with electrons?  What does alkaline mean?  You have just learned how to enhance your intelligence and how to fight back against pathogens!

Cryptococcus neoformans fungus causes about 600,000 deaths worldwide every year.  However, no countries have quarantined the infected people.  Vaccinated people are potentially infectious until they produce an antibody to the pathogen injected by a vaccine.  

Why do diseases discriminate people?  This question is not different from the questions below.

What causes people to fail or succeed in producing antibodies?

What causes autoimmune diseases?

You may wonder whether your intelligence can help to produce antibodies.   In fact, yes, it can. 

The evidence can be found in patients with mental illness, which is a consequence of the loss of electrons by an infection.  Pathogens (infections) impair your intelligence.  People with schizophrenia cannot remember their home addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Their symptoms are similar to the symptoms of dementia or autism.  If antibodies could not be produced, it means that the electron transport chain was damaged therefore, the security gate for cellular intelligence was compromised.

How are photons converted to electrons inside your body? 

What do pathogens do inside your body?

What happens to your body chemically when you lose electrons? 

What is the role of the ETC (Electron Transport Chain)?

Can you repair the ETC?   

What damages the ETC?  

How do wireless products transmit information?

What is cellular intelligence?

How do body cells communicate with each other?

The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi by Jane Lim.