What Is Trump’s
Hidden Agenda For WW3?

By Jane Lim | May 28, 2024

Why Did Trump Gift A Lotus "Rising Above" To A Marxist, Pope Francis?

An Image Of I, Pet Goat II (2012) Showing A Pink Lotus Growing From An Apple, In Order To Explain Marxism That Replaces Capitalism

Your Properties Are Targets In WW3.

Vaccination is a theory thus it cannot be mandated by a law. Likewise, religions are theories thus they cannot be mandated by a law. Vaccines and viruses should never be created to trigger wars that transfer the wealth from defendants to invaders.  Likewise,  religions should never be created or publicized to trigger wars that transfer the wealth from defendants to invaders.

It is not believable when a politician says that he does not agree to WW3 after he assisted a patentee of COVID-19 that locked down and bankrupted all countries in order to get UN member states prepared for WW3 by selling and buying weapons.

Therefore, it is pivotal to support politicians, who will not take over your properties after they draft you under the guise of religious wars that may justify mandated vaccination (a replacement of infanticide).  Realize what happened to Robin Hood’s property after he had been drafted.  

Who do you think would buy Bitcoins now, the poor or the rich?  Who is the new Robin Hood who would hide money or steal all Bitcoins in the end?  Hiding assets are not the best solution if there is a hidden instructor who attracts many new Robin Hoods in order to search them and take over their money in the end.

Bitcoin investors create bubbles (fake values) in the monetary market meaning that some of global citizens starve to death due to the fake values.  What happens to you if you drink bubbles not milk?  If your presidents do not understand this unavoidable law, your countries are in trouble.  Money is not a product to sell or to invest in.  This is the law that should be learned by 7.8 global citizens.

Unless you free yourself from a religious bond, politicians will draft you for religious wars.  Unless you oppose Ponzi scheme, bankers will collaborate with politicians in order to bankrupt you and take over your properties after that.  Man-made inflation is the reason why kings and queens could expand their lands in the beginning and why they lost their countries in the end as seen in the case of Roman Empires.   Popes were able to build more churches abroad for two millennia through religious wars (crusades).  Churches had served as secret agencies for money laundering before casinos did.

Ponzi scheme is the reason why the French King Philip arrested and killed Knights Templar on Friday, October 13th, which became the Halloween Day.  What do you think the escaped and survived Knights Templar would do during or after WW3?

What Is The Hidden Agenda Of MAGA For WW3?

Hitler imprisoned Jewish Freemasons (Marxists) during WW2.  Hitler’s inverted red triangle was used against Jewish communists during WW2 and it was used by Trump during his political campaign before 2021.  During Trump’s presidency, Trump pretended that he may be a Nazi while he boosted the wealth of a Jewish banking family, Rothschild, who patented COVID-19 byproducts such as testing methods and vaccines.  

Not only the US but also all UN member states are sold to FRB shareholders (Rothschild banking family created the FRB) through US Treasury bonds because the US dollar is the fiat currency that UN member states have to purchase.   This is what tricksters would intend in every corner of the globe.    You will learn in my book why and how Treasury bonds are used to take over countries and why and how stocks are used to take over companies across the world.

In my book, you will find out why Jesuits are Freemasons and why Knights Templar are Jewish Freemasons who created Marxism (communism) and why Trump called Kim of North Korea, a friend.  Trump's pastor was Norman Vincent Peale (Freemason) who died in 1993.   Much more hints can be found in my book.  

While US citizens believed that Trump would Make America Great Again (MAGA), he made the directors (Magicians/MAGA) of COVID-19 pandemic great again at the expense of sudden death or slow death (infection) of your family members.  Therefore, is Trump’s MAGA not a magician’s trick?  In The Economist, where do you think the Pied Piper (trickster) leads your presidents to?

What Was Trump’s Gift (Sculpture) For Pope Francis In 2017?

While Trump appears to be against communism according to his hand signs or speech, is he not ordered by the director who controls both capitalists and communists?  Why did Trump gift a lotus "Rising Above" to a Marxist, Pope Francis in 2017?   The lotus name "Rising Above" reveals their hidden identities and relationships. 

In I, Pet Goat II (2012), a pink lotus is growing from one apple (communism and capitalism) in the image above.   Trump said, "It is a revolution."   Muslims joined Marxist countries under BRICS.   BRICS is an example of the image above.  What does I, Pet Goat II (2012) try to tell us through a black and white checkered floor, a pink lotus, a coin and 7C in the image above?  

In 1540, why did the Roman Catholic Church give birth to the Jesuits that took over the papal position in 2013?  Cronus (Saturn/Pope) was afraid of being dethroned by his son, Zeus (Jupiter/Jesus).  What have Knights Templar (Magicians Of The Temple) done for COVID-19 pandemic and what are they doing for WW3?   Find out the discussions in my book.