Why Is WHO’s New Definition Of Vaccination Still Erroneous?

By Jane Lim | Updated on May 13, 2024 | Posted on May 1, 2024

Vaccines Do Not Protect Your Immune System But Trigger Your Immune Response. 
Why Did Trump Say "Take The Vaccine"?

The WHO replaced “immunity” with “protection” when it defines vaccination.  However, the new definition is still erroneous.  When a product does not guarantee what was promised, the product cannot be sold especially when it is based on a theory.  

Vaccination is a theory that you “may” be able to produce antibodies to subject pathogens (antigens).  It is your cellular intelligence that can produce antibodies.  It is not a vaccine that can produce your antibodies on your behalf. 

Vaccines do not contain your intelligence (antibodies).  Vaccines contain pathogens (antigens) to trigger your reactions to those pathogens, which is the reason why you get infected when you fail to produce antibodies to the pathogens that were injected to you. 

Vaccines are only capable of triggering your reactions.  This capability cannot be defined as a protection.  

If a stranger takes a gun out of his pocket, his act only triggers your reaction.  His gun does not protect your body at all.  The consequence is either your death or survival.  This is what you can expect from vaccination.  In 2020, Trump said, “Take the vaccine.”  “Take the vaccine” is equal to “Take the bullet” or “Take the poisoned arrow” to those who are chronically infected without a diagnosis.  

The definition of vaccination should be more honest and more accurate by adding a statement “a vaccine may trigger production of an antibody to the subject pathogen only if your cellular intelligence has never been compromised by an existing infection.”  

However, aging is a consequence of an untreated chronic infection, which appears as fatigue or low energy.  Therefore, vaccinated people will add more buddens than solutions to their healthcare.  In my book, you learned why you feel always tired when you are infected because oxygen (O) cannot play a role to metabolize any longer when parasitic fungi shifted your metabolic pathways producing carbon dioxide (CO2).  The increased level of CO2 lowers your energy level weakening your muscle and bones.

In my book, you learned that pathogens cause bloated tummy, which is one symptom out of many symptoms of infections.  You can  imagine the size of flour dough after yeast was added to it.  Do aged people have flat tummies or bloated tummies?  How many times have you caught a cold or the flu since you were born?  The answers of these two questions can answer the question whether you should get vaccinated or whether you are already infected or not.  

In my book, you learned that an infection (removal of electrons making you feel cold) lowers your cellular intelligence (electronic communication to produce antibodies for example).   An infections is a reason for autoimmune diseases.  What happens when you unplug your electronic devices?  Electron donors such as sunlight is the subject of my book in order to help you understand how infections are treated.  One example was LDL cholesterol that is converted to vitamin D through the electron donor.

Considering the fact that vaccination replaced infanticide, you can assume  that healthcare industries make profits from disabled or infected people if the vaccinated people did not die shortly after vaccination.  There will be no reason for WHO to raise fund if infected people do not exist or if viruses do not exist. 

On May 24, 2024, WHO will void your right to oppose vaccination if your countries do not file objections to WHO treaty for the pandemic preparedness.   WHO is sponsored by Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda and they seem to be timely enforcing this new WHO treaty before Robert Kennedy Jr. becomes the next president of the US.  

On April 26, 2024, Trump said, “I would take Biden over Robert Kennedy Jr. because his views on vaccines are fake as is everything else about his candidacy” while Trump’s  presidential candidacy is in question at a criminal court due to 88 criminal charges against him (Jan. 11, 2024).  Trump’s statement above reveals that Republicans and Democrats both are under the Deep State, Magicians ($) of The Temple who are the founder of healthcare industries and WHO (See $ in the emblem).  It also reveals that Trump was chosen to empower Bill Gates who invests in vaccines as the biggest sponsor for WHO.

On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy signed an executive order, 11110 in order to dismantle the FRB that impoverished the US citizens by poisoning the fiat currecny adding bubbles to money (inflation).   After that, Kennedy was killed.  Therefore, who do you think Trump is working for?  US citizens or Ponzi scheme manager who would like to replace US dollars with CBDCs that can automatically confiscate your assets during WW3?

Therefore, you may answer a question whether Trump works for the Deep State or not.  If your answer is yes, is he not a trickster, a Magician of The Temple who tricked you into believing that he works against the Deep State while he works for the Deep State that directed COVID-19 pandemic and WW3?

The relevant image can be found at What Happens If Two Rods Of Asclepius Face Each Other?  

The Rod Of Caduceus Was Carried By Hermes, The Son Of Zeus.  By Whom Is It Carried In The Present Time?

Ouroboros: A Greek Symbol Of The Cycle Of Death And Rebirth, A Serpent Devouring Its Own Tail
Caduceus: A Greek God Of Thief/Trickster (Magician)

Meta (Facebook) uses Ouroboros as its logo.  Ouroboros is also used in the Church of Satan and was used by Magicians (MAGA) of The Temple (Knights Templar) who worshipped Baphomet in the Church of Satan.

Knights Templar felt urge to build medical facilities to which they could be committed during or after the crusades.  They were highly motivated to invent pathogenic weapons that could destroy enemies without bloody fights.  It is not surprising to know that the person who patented COVID-19 testing methods came from the same family who founded the healthcare system (Red Shield in German is Rothschild) and the banking system both.

Magicians, in Latin, are called MAGA, the highest rank in the Church of Satan.  Magicians are tricksters (Ponzi scheme managers).  Caduceus of Baphomet (a mutated human and animal) was used by Queen Elizabeth II as Jubilee Beacon after her family sponsored Pirbright that patented COVID-19 (mutant).   Baphomet was worshipped by Knights Templar, who are also called, Magicians of The Temple.

Magicians Of The Temple And Red Shields (Rothschilds)