Skull & Bones Are Knights Templar Who Bankrupted Roman Empires

By Jane Lim | May 28, 2024

Knights Templar's Banking System Uses Ponzi Scheme That Bankrupts 7.8 Billion Global Citizens.

Images of The Economist Tarot Cards, I, Pet Goat II, And A Mural Of Denver International Airport showing Trumpism, Marxism And Freemasonry (Masonic Order 322)

Ponzi Scheme Has Been Used As A Monetary Policy Of Capitalism.  

Ponzi scheme uses the money, from new stockholders, new bondholders or new bank account holders, to pay dividends or interests to existing holders.  Ponzi scheme creates and adds fake values (bubbles) to the invested money.  

Therefore, Ponzi scheme causes unrecognizably slow and steady inflation that the FRB has never wanted you to realize.  All capitalists are destined to go bankrupt in the end.  You cannot print money exceeding your GNPs because money is a method to exchange the  values that you already created.  Money is not a product to sell.  The value of products or services that your country produced should be equal to the value of money that your country printed.

Money is an expression of an existing value in the present time.  You cannot give or sell something that does not exist in the present time. Likewise, money cannot be printed and sold when products or services do not exist in the present time.   If you can print money, why bother to collect taxes? 

Bitcoins do not meet the requirements to function as a currency.  Bitcoins were invented for money laundering prior to WW3 because WW3 may change the current fiat currency.  However, Bitcoins (tricksters’ new money that attracts new Robin Hoods prior to WW3) can be tracked through the Blockchain technology that has backdoors for law enforcement officers and Blockchain technology developers. Who would be the Robin Hood in this case?  Bitcoin buyer (investor), seller, developer, inventor or law enforcement organization? The inventor of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, which means CIA if it is translated in English.

Gold Is Not Necessary To Replace The Fiat Currency. 

Money is a method to exchange values meaning that the method should not be costly or limited to privileged people.  The method should never change its value over time or by speculation.  Money is not a product in which you can invest.  This means that you cannot earn money through money since it is not only cheating but also killing humans who earned money by providing products or services.  This topic was already discussed through my video.  You learned in the video that a person, who sold money to you, makes another person drink bubbles not the milk in the end, which is a man-made inflation.

By an international law, this correct definition of money should be used in all countries.  Only the leader, who will practice this correct concept of currency, deserves the position to rule the world.  Your savior is not someone who belongs to one country or one ethnicity.  Your savior should be the one who is concerned about global welfare (maintain your wealth without being harmed by Ponzi scheme fraud) for 7.8 billion global citizens.

Since money is not a product to sell but a mean to exchange existing values, a higher future value is a fraudulent concept invented by Magicians Of The Temple who lent their money to kings and queens.  A future value is presumed to exist only when a fake value is fraudulently added by Ponzi scheme resulting in intentional but undisputed inflations.  In the past, I also explained why the prices of homes should not increase over time.  A video was shared with you at on July 20, 2023.

The world is being operated by the Ponzi scheme managers, Magicians (MAGA) Of The Temple who act as governors as well as national bankers.  Look at the Freemasons’ black hats that are identical with magicians’ black hats.  The Skull & Bones are also known as Order 322 because March 22, 1312 is the day when the Knights Templar were dissolved.   They are the same people who had to change their organization names to remain secret.  When Bush was asked about Skull & Bones, he answered, “It is secret.”  

The global monetary system is operated by the military bankers who took over properties through crusades.   This is how global citizens are doomed to lose all to Knights Templar who still exist with different names in the 21st century.

However, can Knights Templar (Skull & Bones/Freemasons) survive their own Ponzi scheme or can global citizens escape this money trap?   Find out the discussions in my book.

Masonic Order 322 Hints That Skull & Bones Are Knights Templar Who Were Dissolved On 03/22/1312.

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