Relationship (RPCR)

By Jane Lim | June 19, 2023

We Can Avoid WW3 Through The Revolutionary Producer-Customer Relationship (RPCR)

Image of two people talking about "Revolutionary Producer-Customer Relationship (RPCR)" examplifying a party that did not waste pizza and drinks because the invited people came to the party as promised

Without converting capitalism to socialism, there is a way to redistribute the wealth of billionaires (monopoly business owners) to 7.8 billion global citizens and guarantee monthly income for everyone in order to prevent suicide and homicide both before or after WW3 begins.

Not only NATO member states but also the politicians and citizens of China and Russia need to learn how to stop WW3 and recover the economy as soon as possible for the best interest of mankind.  Will the US or the UK become more successful if Russia or China disappear from the earth, or vice versa?  Who benefits if they fight?

Instead of having exiled or killed Knights Templar, kings and queens should have developed a new monetary system other than communism or capitalism.  This is the biggest mistake that they have made in history because their political authorities have been downgraded, controlled or swapped by the power of their money managers (bankers) in the present time.

If capitalists and communists learn how to modify their economic systems as I proposed in my book in order to exit recession quickly (this recession is a planned consequence of the planned pandemic) and help 7.8 billion global citizens become richer and healthier than before the pandemic, WW3 and autoimmune diseases (caused by biological weapons) will not remain as the hottest subject in the future.  You and your enemy would not fight if both parties are convinced that they could remain happy or happier in the future.  

The US does not need to move forward WW3 in order to cancel foreign debts, or to satisfy the demands of the directors of world wars.   I presented a new method (RPCR) to keep all parties happier and richer than before.  RPCR can help abolish present monetary systems that enslave global citizens.  Money is not a product to sell (YouTube Video: How Can The Price Of Money Make You Poorer Or Join WW3? ) meaning that there should be no interests or monetary markets.   You can have a sufficient fund for opening a business or for buying homes without loans under this new method because RPCR guarantees your monthly income that will eliminate the need to get loans.   

The present economic systems have been developed for thousands of years by the ancestors of the directors of world wars.  How have they transcended the warfare manuscripts for thousands of years?   They have used the Bible.  Who benefits if 7.8 billion people become more indebted?  Depopulation promotes recession and demotes GDP and GNP, which will incur more debts.  This is a well-known fact to the patentees (the father of banking systems) of COVID-19 and its byproducts such as vaccines.  This fact is also very well known to the politicians who have invested in vaccine business.

Bill Gates has profited from investment in vaccines.  Bill Gates invested $750 million in Gavi in 1999.   He achieved a 20-to-1 return according to the CNBC news on January 23, 2019.  His $10 billion donation yielded $200 billion ($190 billion is the profit) through the sales of vaccines that he promoted for 20 years from 1999 to 2019.  If you add four-year profits that he has earned until 2023 now, the total yield is likely greater than $200 billion.    $200 billion is five times of Vermont GDP ($40 billion) in 2022. 

Private foundations are the vehicles for money laundering as I explained in 2020.   How can a non-profit or a tax-exempted organization make profits and why do politicians not demand investigation against those fraudulent organizations?  Is it not because they have also invested in vaccines prior to the pandemic?  The expense is the death of people who have trusted governors, bankers, healthcare providers, professors and scientists working for biolabs, and the WHO.  

Why would the WHO collaborate with Bill Gates?  It is because the WHO budget comes from donors such as private foundations that Bill Gates owns.   What or whom can you trust now?   This situation is similar to cows who are happy to eat foods provided by humans who will eat them later.  Who has acted as the Pied Pipers since 2020 other than Gates and Fauci?    You have been vaccinated to make Bill Gates richer in a shorter period than the period of Microsoft business.

Capitalism is one of the most convenient economic systems to enslave people slowly without resistance because FRB shareholders abuse the price of money (interests).  By using the interests, they control the local and global economy in order to take over targeted banks and companies.  The values of your properties and debts suddenly change against your best interests.  The values of natural resources such as oil and gas suddenly rise meaning that your living cost becomes suddenly higher.  Your wealth is not controlled by your financial decisions.  It is controlled by policy makers who create economic and monetary policies that only benefit themselves. 

If customers go bankrupt, producers bankrupt as well and vice versa.  If your enemy states bankrupt, your country will bankrupt as well and vice versa because your country (debtor) has likely sold bonds to your enemy states (creditor) or because your country cannot always be self-sufficient in all industries due to the lack of technology, labor or natural resources.  

“We are the world and we cannot go on pretending day-by-day that someone, somewhere soon make a change.”
Songwriters: Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson

Should the Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic and WW3 override your destiny?  

Your country cannot avoid bankruptcy unless your country reforms its economic system as I proposed in my book, Directors Of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3: New Economic Systems To Prevent Biowar, Recession And Paradoxical Vaccination