Why Is Trump A Magician Of The Temple?

By Jane Lim | Updated on May 13, 2024 | Posted on May 1, 2024

Why Did Media Say Trump Is The Snake In His Story?

Trump’s Magic Wand Reveals Himself.

Tricksters = MAGA = Caduceus = Snakes = Knights Templar = Magicians Of The Temple = Loki = God Of Fire/Chaos = Druids

Trump’s casino hotel was later named “Hard Rock.”   Rocks had been used as a currency before coins were made.    A black rock is translated into black money if the rock is replaced with money.   Black money requires money laundering through casinos.    BlackRock is the investor (asset management company) who owns nearly all assets across the world.  The Black Rock City in Las Vegas holds the Burning Man festival every year.   

Druids used the Wicker Man (the Burning Man) for human sacrifice.  Druids acted as judges who could burn humans.    Trump appears as a judge in The Economist’s tarot card above and below.   Druids held magic wands because they orchestrated rituals for human sacrifice as seen in the man-made fire across the world during the revolution about which Trump and The Economist both were talking.  

Caduceus is the God of Trickster (Baphomet).  Its symbol is a two-serpent entwined rod which was carried by Hermes, the son of Zeus.  This is the reason why the media said Trump was talking about himself (trickster).  Since Baphomet was worshipped by Knights Templar, The Economist hints that Trump is a member of Knights Templar if he is the magician in The Economist tarot card below.  Find out more clues in my book series 2.

Trump was not elected but chosen by the director of COVID-19 pandemic and WW3.
Connections between Trump and Fire

Loki Is A Trickster (MAGA) Who Is The God Of Fire. 
Druids Acted As The God Of Fire.

The relevant image can be found at The Fire In Hawaii And Canada.

Is Trump the highest degree of the Church of Satan?

In Latin, Magicians Are Called MAGA,
The Highest Rank In The Church Of Satan.  

Is Trump not a Magician of The Temple?

Why Would Trump Choose A Slogon That
Communicates With The Church Of Satan Effectively?

You can connect the dots between the Chuch Of Satan, the Knights Templar and the Roman Catholic Church.  Why did the Knights Templar worship Baphomet and who were they?   Where can you find them in the 21st century?  Find the answers in my book.