Why Are Currencies And Vaccines
Gambling Products?

By Jane Lim | July 21, 2023

Should You Buy Or Invest In Currencies And Vaccines?

An image of Vaccines and CBDCs on a scale to demonstrate that they are equally risky products.

If the outcome of an investment is based on an assumption, a  miscalculation or a misplacement of a value, the investment is gambling.  If a coin cannot purchase anything other than another coin, it is not a currency.   Bitcoin investors (2010-Present) think Bitcoins may replace CBDCs or US dollar bills.  If a currency is not accepted in any store or any bank, it cannot be a currency.   What can a Bitcoin buy other than another Bitcoin?  However, why were Bitcoins used first in the UK to buy a home?  Is the lord of money introducing Bitcoins to the housing market? 

An image of a home value equalized with two Bitcoins.

The value of a Bitcoin was equal to $0.09 in 2010.  It should not increase to $69,789 in 2022 or $1 million in 2030 without providing its own value.  Money alone should never hold its own value without a product or a service received in exchange.   Due to this fake value, 7.8 billion global citizens are doomed because this fake value has been transferred to oil, gold, salary, houses, politics, religions and sciences where the fake values and fake information have become the power to defraud 7.8 global citizens.  However, nothing is nothing, which is the law that nobody can break.  A Ponzi scheme of  FRB was revealed to 195 nations.  Look at the economy of the UK in 1990s and now.  Look at the economy of all nations in 2023 now.

If the value of your home is $500,000 in 2023, you should not end up paying $1,721,520 (10% mortgage rate plus tax) until 2053 because your home gets old and because the demand decreases due to depopulation.  Since the home depreciates from $500,000 (2023) to $230,000 (2053), the actual bubble (the fake value of money) becomes $1,491,520 not $1,221,520.  

You are betting on a price of money by paying a 30-year mortgage at 10% in 2023 while the rate could be 0-0.1% in 2053 and the actual value of your home becomes lower than $230,000 because construction materials wear out and construction designs become outdated.

Will you marry a father who escorts your bride to you in your wedding?

A token or a coin itself should never hold a value because it is nothing but a method (medium) used in order to exchange products or services.  If buses do not exist, bus tokens become trash.  What can a dollar buy in (King) Kong Island?

You should price a valuable product or a service not a method.  Without products or services, money should not exist.  You cannot sell a method by which you should exchange products or services.  You do not marry a father of your bride or bridegroom.  You do not drink a plastic bottle instead of water in it.  

Buying money when you have nothing to buy is like giving a bus token to a bus driver even though you did not get a ride because the bus does not exist.  In other words, without GDPs, no countries should create, sell or buy money.  If your country’s GDP is $10 billion, your country’s maximum capacity to issue your currency is $10 billion.  If your country’s foreign debt is $4 billion, your country’s maximum capacity to issue your currency should be reduced to $6 billion.  

This is the law that must not  be violated by wars and man-made inflations or recessions. If violated, the consequence is nothing but poverty and death without fail.  More simply saying, what will you do in Kong Island, issuing a currency or learning how to make foods out of the nature?   This question should be asked to all children again and again when they grow older because their schools make them forget this absolutely correct law of economy by injecting incorrect laws such as the law of banking and vaccine business.

In any circumstance, all of the governments should prohibit selling any type of currencies because gambling is cheating, which is not only a moral hazard but also an economic hazard because the bubbles (interests) cause bankruptcy to 7.8 billion global citizens in the end.  This is the law of economy that has been ignored by all economists for two millenniums at least.

You are vaccinated because you are betting on a possibility that you may be able to produce antibodies to the pathogens - the active ingredients of the vaccine that you have injected into your body.  Likewise, you pay interests to bankers because you are betting on a possibility that the price of money may increase in the future.  If a product does not guarantee its promised value, the sales of the product should be prohibited at all cost in the present time.  Therefore, both vaccines and prices of money must be banned in all nations.

Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 calculated that COVID-19 lockdown will increase the demand for money.  The patentee of COVID-19 calculated that the patented COVID-19 will increase the demand for COVID-19 vaccine if it infects human bodies.  They did not miscalculate the outcome so COVID-19 pandemic was not a gamble but a strategic plan.

Watch YouTube Channel 2 Video, Prices Of Money Cause Recessions And Inflations Not The Other Way Around.

An image of a house value that is inflated (appreciated) in 30 years.

An Inflated (Appreciated) House Value In 30 Years (Bubbles)

An image of a house value that is depreciated in 30 years.

A Deflated (Depreciated) House Value In 30 Years (No Bubbles)