Trackable Cryptocurrencies
And Trackable Vaccines

By Jane Lim | Updated on July 27, 2023 | Posted on July 23, 2023

CBDCs And Bitcoins Are Marking The Beasts

An image of two cryptocurrencies, CBDCs floating above the water and Bitcoins sinking under the water.

The Marks Of The Beasts

The Mark of the Beast may mean that a person is marked for confiscation of assets or for transportation to FEMA camps during WW3 as you learned in the article, CBDCs And Vaccines Streamline Conscription And Confiscation During WW3.   CBDCs can be viewed as the Marks of the Beast, which was prescribed in the Book of Revelation.  CBDCs are necessary for the directors of WW3 to control and confiscate your income and tax after they convert capitalists to socialists across the world until 2030.    You will present your mobile phone where your money transaction is recorded on a blockchain, and you will carry the phone in your hand in order to buy or sell products or services as prescribed in the Book of Revelation.  The directors have used the Bible as a warfare manual as well as a monetary guidebook.

Bitcoins Are Risky And Can Be Disloyal

The two hands are touching two mobile phones in order to choose CBDCs over Bitcoins.  The creators of both systems are likely working for the same directors.  FRB shareholders own Bitcoins as well. Why would they miss the opportunity to convert $0.09 to $200,000 when they are in the superior position to control the market by using preinformation?  

If a blockchain server can encrypt your cryptocurrency, it can decrypt.  Your passwords are recorded on the server.  It could mean that the cryptocurrency servers can become the new owners of all global assets in the end.   FRB shareholders or blockchain servers can delete your account permanently to punish you.  They are not loyal to any country because they are globalists whose business is everywhere.  That is why JPMorgan Chase has made more profits while the US Treasury has received no remittance since October 2022.  

The disloyalty of the Knights Templar was the reason for being executed by French King Philip IV on the infamous Friday, October 13, 1307.  WW1 and WW2 were orchestrated by the lord of money who will do it again in WW3.  

Since May, 2023, people have often questioned whether FRB is bankrupted.  While the US Treasury can go bankrupt, FRB shareholders will not. They were making much more money than before through QE, Bitcoins, high interest rates, acquisitions of bankrupted banks, and vaccine sales.  The US has no public banks.  FRB shareholders are not governors but private bankers.  Their ultimate goal does not match with the one of US citizens or the US Treasury.

What Happens Before And After Launching CBDCs And Bitcoins?

Why have the directors of COVID-19 pandemic kept monetary investors excited about Bitcoins since 2008 until CBDCs are launched?  Why do people feed cows before they make them beefsteakes?   Why Zombie movies always present vaccines as the best solution before a new flu vaccine is launched in the market?  Why had those movies been released just before COVID-19 vaccines were launched?  Have the film makers not been working in collaboration with the directors of COVID-19 pandemic?  Likewise, has FTX been working in collaboration with the directors of COVID-19 pandemic?  Why did Sam Bankman-Fried hold the sickle in his photo?

The directors of COVID-19 pandemic and WW3 are motivated to cause bankrun in order to acquire small banks.  They launched CBDCs, the new monetary products which will replace present currencies across the world.  After many bankruptcies, they may begin WW3 in order to sell stockpiled weapons and more loans across the world.   By doing so, the directors of WW3 can achieve another goal, depopulation to take over more lands across the world and to confiscate assets from the dead soldiers and dead citizens.  This has been a typical method to gain the sudden wealth for two millenniums at least.

What Is The Similarity Between Cryptocurrencies And Anti-Virus Programs?

If a blockchain server can encrypt your cryptocurrency, it can decrypt. The situation is like allowing an antivirus program to steal your confidential files under the guise of protection.   Under the guise of privacy protection, Bitcoins allow black market investors to transfer their bribe to politicians.  Since charity organizations and casinos have shut down due to the pandemic, Bitcoins have become more popular as a new method for money laundering.  It is very dangerous to everyone that Bitcoin buyers are using pseudonyms.

Why your presidents are not loyal to your countries?  It is simply because they are chosen by the directors of COVID-19 pandemic and WW3.  They are not elected by you but hired by the globalists whose business or religious organization has to expand to all nations.  This is why The Economist and The Simpsons were able to announce their plans many decades before the actual events occur. 

Trackable Cryptocurrencies And Trackable Vaccines

Satoshi Nakamoto’s trackable Bitcoins had been timely launched in 2008 four years before trackable goats (marked beasts) of I, Pet Goat II, were introduced in 2012.  Three years later, trackable COVID-19 was lab-created in 2015 prior to WW3 where the location of soldiers must be trackable.  Your computers have blockchains that are recording the entire history of your offline and online activities on your computers. They are used to track all of your files and connected devices.   Who would be motivated to create trackable Bitcoins, trackable CBDCs and trackable COVID-19 vaccines?  Are they not All-Seeing Eye (Freemasons)?   Bitcoin transactions are trackable without a warrant.  Central banks can retrieve the information of Bitcoin investors because they will use the same blockchain technology. 

Between 2020 and 2022, the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines was already tracked and recorded on a blockchain in the UK and Tiberius tracking system in the US during the pandemic.  The data of CBDCs and COVID-19 infections both are stored on the same tracking system.  Why is that so?  If you die of an infection during WW3, who will automatically confiscate your assets during WW3?  The monetary fund managers were Knights Templar who confiscated all assets after they killed the owners during the Crusades.

The Same Old Way To Expand Banking Business Through Wars

The City Bank and JPMorgan Chase are the biggest FRB shareholders.  BlackRock (Bitcoin investor) is the biggest shareholder of JPMorgan Chase.  BlackRock and JPMorgan helped set up Ukraine reconstruction bank according to the Financial Times on June 18, 2023.  This type of banking business was common to Knights Templar who received fund from the Roman Catholic Church that received the shares later.


Why are CBDCs new tickets for heaven (indulgence)?  Why is the tracking system called Tiberius?  Why are CBDCs nicknamed as the Marks of the Beast?  What is the connection between COVID-19 and CBDCs?  In the connection, do you see the All-Seeing Eye?  Who are the beasts in I, Pet Goat II?  Who invented the present monetary system? Why did the inventors change their names four times for a millennium?  What are the connections between Knights Templar, Freemasons and FRB shareholders?  What does rapture actually mean?  Is Trump a Freemason?  Should you sell or buy money?  If no, why? How do interest rates create bubbles in all markets causing recession and inflation not the other way around?  Why have economists and professors given erroneous lectures for hundreds of years about the price of money?  Find out these discussions in the book series 2.

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CBDCs Vs Bitcoins