Do Cryptocurrencies
Advance Socialism?

By Jane Lim | July 25, 2023

Will You Become An Axiom Inhabitant In Wall-E Or A San Angeles Resident In Demolition Man?

An image of Associate Bob and Cocteau in Demolition Man, Pope Francis (A Hand Sign of Freemasonry - Socialism), and an Axiom resident in Wall E.

Socialism Came From The Bible

Socialism was derived from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 12:26.   A Jesuit, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been a Freemason (socialist) before he was elected to become the Pope Francis in 2013.  Cocteau in Demolition Man appears as Pope Francis.  Red symbolizes communism which has something to do with red cassocks in the Roman Catholic Church.  The Axiom resident, in the movie, Wall E, is wearing a red uniform.  The associate Bob, in the movie, Demolition Man, appears as a cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, whose red cassock appears as Axiom’s red uniform in Wall E, which may remind you of Elon Musk’s plan to move to Mars during WW3.  

WW3 Already Began In 2022

Global citizens are not aware that Ukraine-Russia war is a part of WW3.  According to America, The Jesuit Review on June 14, 2022, Pope Francis said, on May 19, 2022, to editors of Jesuit publications, “For me, today, World War III has been declared.”  As you learned in my book, Pope Francis is a Jesuit.

CBDCs Incentivize Bioweapon And Vaccine Producers

CBDCs and vaccines are like husbands and wives who married for monetary benefits.  How is that so?  Pathogens justify tracking human bodies.  Byproducts of pathogens are vaccines because the active ingredients of vaccines are pathogens.  CBCDs enable tracking human bodies because all humans need to carry currencies, which will be stored on mobile phones that can easily track people, who may be quarantined. 

A blockchain technology allows central banks to track your money and vaccination history both because those two records can be recorded on the same blockchain server. Tiberius tracking system (Operation Warp Speed) was used in the US during COVID-19 pandemic.  Tiberius cryptocurrency has existed since 2012 in Switzerland.  This coin also uses a blockchain technology.  When a dollar bill is converted to a digital currency, all digital data of transactions can be encrypted and decrypted meaning that the data can be accessed by the servers.

When Do We Need Tracking?

Tracking business transactions is necessary only if your economic systems have been poisoned by money laundering and tax evasion.  It is useful to analyze and monitor the black market.  However, CBDCs incentivize vaccine makers, who will abuse systems to sell more vaccines since CBDCs and vaccinations both are recorded on the same blockchain technology.  The more people die from vaccines, the more money is confiscated from the vaccinated people.  Likewise, the more social media users’ information is recorded on the social media server, the more ad income is earned through the server that also hosts the adware.

Without COVID-19, a CBDC alone could not justify its use.   During the pandemic, the QR codes acted like CBDCs since both communicate with a cloud account.  Without COVID-19, a CBDC alone could not justify bankruptcy which was possible through lockdowns across the world.  CBDCs have become possible through COVID-19 since both of them needed a tracking system such as a blockchain technology.   In 2021, a British hospital network used a blockchain technology in order to track COVID-19 vaccines.

Therefore, COVID-19 enabled CBDCs (no more paper money).  Vaccines (FRB’s investment) and digital currencies (FRB’s investment) had to be coupled to help each other because COVID-19 justifies the use of digital currencies and because business owners accept the request for lockdowns without resistance.   

COVID-19 justified a tracking system such as CBDCs to locate the lost stimulus checks as well as infected bodies.  Therefore, COVID-19 was a prerequisite to demand and launch CBDCs across the world.  Connect the dots between tracking systems and All-Seeing Eye.

Who Invented COVID-19 And CBDC Both?  Who Are The Servants Of The Director Of WW3?  Who Needs CBDCs Most?

COVID-19 was essential to shut down offline banks for the inventor’s greater benefits.  COVID-19 lockdowns justify a mega lay-off of bank employees to move forward CBDCs.   

Why do you think social media adware tracks your online activities?  Metaverse requires a blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency in order to sell Facebook’s virtual reality games.  See the above image of the Axiom resident one more time.  What is he doing?   A digital currency is desperately needed for virtual game providers such as Metaverse and Microsoft (blockchain server) or online advertisement agencies such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Edge and Google.  Not only FRB shareholders but also these companies are the moving force of CBDCs and COVID-19 vaccines.

Your social media data will likely be integrated into your email, photo, fingerprint, phone number, money (CBDC tracking systems) and vaccination records. They are likely recorded on the same cloud server in order to maximize the benefits of the Directors Of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3.  In 2021, Facebook partnered with Silvergate Bank that sells Stablecoin.  Silvergate Bank (Bitcoin seller) was approved, on December 7, 2012, to be one of FRB shareholders.

The data of infections have been recorded on a blockchain on which your CBDC will be recorded.  The data of your social media account will be likely integrated into your CBDC account if you have social media applications on your devices. This means that advertising agencies will have constant access to your CBDC account against your best interests.  

Imagine the days of Wall-E visiting Axiom inhabitants who do nothing but watching advertisements all day long.  Why did Axiom inhabitants treat Wall-E like a pathogen after they had trashed Earth?  Why did the directors of COVID-19 pandemic treat you like pathogens after they had patented COVID-19?  Why did San Angeles (megalopolis) residents in the movie, Demolition Man (1993) use 3-D glasses to make love?

Computer operating systems and smart phones spy on your online activities (All-Seeing Eye).  Your computers or phones are no longer your business equipment.  Likewise, your virtual money (CBDC) is no longer your money that you can use as you wish.  You will be forced to watch advertisements much more and longer than now because social media advertising agencies will have access to your CBDC accounts 24 hours a day spying on your devices.   You can delete your credit cards from your devices or online accounts now.  In the future, you cannot delete your CBDC from your devices.  This horrifying condition will open doors for cybercriminals.

Are your digital documents safer than paper documents?   Are the encrypted passwords in Russia safer than your door locks in the US?  What is the chance for someone, who is in Alaska, to visit your home in Ohio to unlock your door locks and vice versa?  You can easily assume what will happen to cryptocurrencies if you know how vulnerable your electronic devices and software programs have been for 30 years.

Why is the tracking system called Tiberius?  In a Canadian animation, I, Pet Goal II, why does the American flag split into two pieces?  What are the Roman Catholic Church and Vatican Bank trying to achieve through COVID-19 pandemic and WW3 at this time?   Find out the answers in my book series 2.