Who Educated And Sponsored
Nazis And Marxists?

By Jane Lim | May 23, 2024

The Roman Catholic Church Educated And Sponsored Nazis While Closet-Converso Jesuits (Jewish Freemasons) Educated And Sponsored Marxists. 

Image of Trump's Abraham Accord Coin Implying CBDC And Marxism (Saturn)

Find Marxism In The Bible And Trump’s Abraham Accord Coin.

Saturn is filled with gas so you cannot live in Saturn since it has no land on the surface.  Since Saturn symbolizes Satan (Baphomet) and Marxism, the olive leaf is likely a gift from the US to the Roman Catholic Church.  Saturn also symbolizes Cronos, the father of Zeus.  Pope is called “Father” and Pope Francis is the first Marxist Pope.

Trump’s Abraham Accord coin is a detailed version of the mural at the Denver International Airport where he holds a sword and a hammer as below.

Image Of A Mural At The Denver International Airport Implying Micah 4:3 (Bible) About Marxism

What Is The Hidden Reason For WW3?

If The Simpsons (2000) below and I, Pet Goat II (2012) had known that Trump would be the US president in 2017 and will be again in 2024, does this preinformation alone not reveal that the electoral system has already been corrupt?

They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks (Micah 4:3).  Communists used a hammer and a sickle as a symbol in their national flags.  Trump’s red tie symbolizes Marxism.  Trump’s black tie and black suit in The Economist symbolize death.  

Image Of The Simpson About Trump's 2024 Election And His Coin About Israel

In his coin above, it says, “He charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem.”  Considering the fact that Rothschild is the founder of Israel, you can easily guess who is instructing Trump and how many benefits are waiting for Trump (New Jewish King David) once he is chosen by the lord of money one more time in 2024 after Trump tricked 7.8 billion global citizens into COVID-19 tests and vaccines of the lord in 2020 and man-made inflation that is essential for the lord to draft you for WW3 and take over your properties.

Whose War Is It?

A Jewish Freemason (Karl Marx) from the Roman Catholic Church used the Bible (1 Corinthians 12:26) to create Marxism.  Marxism was necessary to defeat Nazism.  Marxism was born through Catholicism, which explains why a Marxist was appointed for the papal position in 2013.  Nazism was necessary to defeat Judaism.  Therefore, what was the hidden purpose of WW2 and who was behind WW2?

Trumpism is necessary for Rothschild’s banking family, who is the biggest FRB shareholder as well as the founder of Israel, to protect Judaism, Ponzi scheme and vaccine business.   Trumpism is necessary for Israel to defeat Muslims.

Iran and Palestine (Muslims) are empowered by Russia and China so that non-Jewish Marxists can defeat Judaists using the religious conflict between Muslims and Judaists.  

Israel (Judaists) is empowered by the US and the UK so that Christians (Judaists / Zionists / Catholics / Protestants) can defeat Muslims using the religious conflict between Muslims and Judaists.  However, Judaists, Catholics and Protestants cannot be  grouped as Christians since their concepts of God are totally different.  This subject is discussed in my book using diagrams and many charts.

Who is behind Russia/China that sponsor Iran/Palestine and who is behind US/UK that sponsor Israel/Ukraine?  If you know the answers, you know the hidden purpose of WW3.  The answers can be found easily if you know who benefits from WW3.  

If your country joins WW3, your country is signing up to choose one religion out of many even if you are an atheist or even if your president is supporting your enemy. Before WW3 begins, UN member states should know that this war is directed by the director who wants to destroy Judaism, Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism and Buddhism all at once.   Who created Baphomet, the trickster in the first place and why?  Why does the Roman Catholic Church trick Catholics into confession as if churches serve as the offices of detectives or interrogators?  Who publicized Christianity and why?  In 2020, why did the Roman Catholic Church partner with the founder of Israel (the biggest FRB shareholder) during the pandemic while Catholicism or Marxism does not support Zionism or Judaism?  

In 2013, why did Gates Foundation partner with the British lab, Pirbright (Rothschild’s company) that patented COVID-19?  In 2005, why was an American businessman, Bill Gates given knighthood by the British Queen Elizabeth II?   In 2020, why did the former US President, Trump promote Bill Gates’ investment in vaccine business? 

Since Palestine was deceived by two secret agreements signed by the British King George in 1917, UN member states will have to be prepared for the British King Charles’ hidden agenda for the Middle East in 2024 before the planned WW3 begins.  

In 2013, since a Chinese Jesuit, Xi was elected one day after an Argentinean Jesuit (Marxist), Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was elected for the papal position, UN member states may have to be prepared for Marxism through WW3, which an American Jesuit, Albert Pike envisioned, and for which an American Jesuit, Trump was chosen (2017/2024) by the lord of money who partnered with the British Freemason, King Charles.  Therefore, to which direction will you turn, the West where hidden (soon-to-be)  Marxists rule or the East where obvious Marxists rule?  Is capitalism superior to communism or vice versa?  Why can we not invent a new economic system?

Since the US works in collaboration with the UK, it is necessary for all US citizens to know the British agenda of King Charles whose decision is bound to the Jewish agenda of Rothschild banking family.  Money controls the world politics through the fiat currency.  If your survival depends on an interest rate, who owns your life?  You can easily guess why the US president is impeached or murdered if he stops supporting Israel or the founder of Israel, who is the biggest FRB shareholder.  See the case of John F. Kennedy.

Global citizens are limited to choose one of the two bad choices.  First, fight for Magicians Of The Temple who impoverished you through COVID-19 pandemic and who would take over your properties through man-made inflations and WW3.  Second, fight against Marxists who would take over your properties through WW3 and trash US dollars that you own by terminating Rothschild’s Ponzi scheme and begin CBDCs.  Which one is worse?

Do not forget that the lord of money works with the hidden director who gave you no choices other than Marxism.  This is the victorious warfare strategy into which all UN member states have been tricked.  No choice means that 7.8 billion global citizens are doomed.

See six hands pointing opposite directions again.  They are the hands of  tricksters who have driven you to the wrong directions for their own benefits.