A Component Of Time

By Jane Lim | Updated on November 30, 2022 | Posted on January 23, 2020

Radio Frequency Is A Component Of Time

Radio Frequency Is A Component Of Time

Tesla’s work of time machine had been studied by Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump, who died in 1985.  John was a professor at MIT until 1973.  It is not surprising that John Trump developed rotational radiation therapy and X-ray generator after he had studied Tesla’s invention.  Ingersoll Lockwood’s two novels, "Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey" and “The Last President” may be a result of John Trump’s study of Tesla’s work since it would have been impossible for Lockwood to have known the address of Trump tower before he died in 1918. 

Even if Baron is a title, the author may have implied the son of Donald Trump, “Baron Trump.”

The future may be able to influence the past or the present outcome.  This idea is based on the study of photon’s strange behavior.  This is a partial subject of my third volume.  You will learn in the third volume how it is possible to have premonitions before events take place.   People with the Near Death Experience (NDE) often mention that they were told to go back to their bodies because they did not fulfill what they had promised to do.   This gives us a chill to think about a “life-purpose.”  The first volume gave you a glimpse of a possibility that a light can create organisms.  If deprivation of light causes a death, light is the cause of a life.

Parasitic fungi are responsible for your inability to have premonitions.   They are photo-resistant light scramblers that shift and modify your destiny, which was not written in the book of your life.  This is very much like your new pc that has been compromised by a virus program cannot do its job any longer.

Light is the key to reverse the course back to your original life-path.   Radiation may be a key to solve a problem to time-travel.   If time has to be measured on the planet of Earth, the Sun (radiation) must exist in the solar system.   Time is a mere concept to count the “days” that are possible by the light.  

In the vacuum where light is not reflected such as a black hole, the traditional concept of time in physics and Einstein’s relativity do not explain why compact mass can deform space-time in order to form a black hole.   It is because frequency (light), which is a component of time was missing in the explanation.   A black hole may send an object to a different “time” zone because the component (light) of time is absorbed into the gravitational regions, black holes.

Radiation is the boundary that humans need to overcome to experience a physical form of time travel.  Radiation frequency is a component of time and vice versa.   A hummingbird (radioactive body) flaps its wing up to 70 “times” per second and its heart rate reaches 1,260 beats per minutes.   

Pathogens (radioactive bodies) start dying at the wavelength of 380 nm in the UV “frequency” range.  If a time machine can exist, it means that it overcame this electromagnetic (radioactive) challenge because the component of time is radioactive frequency (light) and the component of radioactive frequency is time in the solar system.

If you take an airplane to relocate from Asia to America, you earn time.   If you earned time, does that mean you did not get old (aged) during the time to travel?  Does that mean others lost time because you earned it?  If you continue to travel to the West from the East for many years, will you save many years, which means will you not age?  

The law of physics, “Time = Distance / Speed” is not applicable here.

Without owning a property, there is no property tax to pay.  Without the Sun (radiation), there is no probable cause to measure time in the planet of Earth.  There is no morning before night and there is no summer before fall.  There is no 16th birthday before 17th birthday.  The concept of time is modifiable by the light (electromagnetic field).  

A morning in Asia is a night in America.  Without an electromagnetic force (radiation) from the Sun, you won’t be able to count days and hours, which are determinants to judge how old you are.  However, this is a concept that humans created.  

Instead of asking how old you are, the question should be how much you decayed (fermented = becoming acidic) in the planet of “Earth” because a 70-year-old woman can have a 40-year-old body and vice versa depending on the level of infections.

If there is nothing but you on the Earth and if you don’t move, the concept of time is solely dependent on the cause of your aging.  In physics, the concept of time is required to measure something that is movable with a speed.  If it is not movable, the concept of time is questioned and redirected to a question of the cause of aging.  

The law of physics, “Time = Distance / Speed” is not applicable in biology.  

This is a serious loophole that modern school systems have.  When you divide the subjects that cannot be divided, the consequence is a paradox as I explained in the first volume.

Frequency is a number of photon’s travel between positively chargeable substance and negatively chargeable substance.   If the charged ions lose an electron (photon), the substance becomes an acid.  Speed of light is all about frequency of photons and the frequency in a radioactive body can be modified by pathogens.  This is a reason for humans to have different “time” to age.  Infected bodies die much faster than healthy bodies.

There is no absolute time that is not modifiable because the Sun’s electromagnetic force changes by the distance.  For example, if a radioactive organism such as humans move away from the solar system, the impact of the electromagnetic force diminishes and the radioactive time does not affect the radioactive humans as it did in the planet of Earth.  The biological rhythm (frequency) changes in the outside of the solar system.

The reason why Einstein’s relativity cannot answer all questions was because the frequency, which is a composition of time was out of equation.   Physics cannot provide an absolute definition of time because physics have not included the pathogens in the equation to define or measure “time” while the composition of time is photons in the solar system and photons are absorbed and blocked by pathogens in the biological “time” just like photons are absorbed and blocked by black holes where the concept of “time” will collide, which makes people imagine a possible time-travel through black holes.  

The concept of time is useless when “biological” forms including planets or the Universe does not exist.  In other words, biological (radioactive) time should be included in the equation to measure time. NASA must be aware of this because astronauts in the space may get old much faster if the spaceship is infected.

For example, an apple tree that cannot relocate to another location by itself is influenced by radioactive frequencies in order to age.  However, the equation is modified when pathogens are involved because they will modify the frequencies of the tree by producing acids as byproducts, which is a reason for decay.  See the first volume, page 252 and 253, which also appears on the first page to find how acids are formed in humans and trees by pathogens and by the night (no light).

Fermented foods are aged foods that do not emit light.   See the page 284 to compare the frequencies of fermented foods with the ones of fresh foods.  Aging is a consequence of infection.  Radiation (light) is used to treat infections.   Deprivation of light causes infection (acids) and deaths (ending), in other words, light is the cause of life (beginning).   If aging has something to do with time, pathogens (light scramblers) must be in the equation.

Without pathogens, humans may not age (may not get old) or die unless “the Body of Electrons” was deprotonated (fermented) by a cause other than pathogens.  The water purified by the UV light never gets old.   70% of body composition is water.  You have a 70% chance to keep it anti-aging if you know how to defeat pathogens.  In the first volume, you learned why blood is irradiated.  Anti-aging means against the law of biological “time.”

In my third volume (not published yet), you will get an answer about how astral projection (non-physical form of time-travel) is possible when your body frequency changes from an alpha or a beta wave to a theta wave and how the mind finds the body to wake up.

Without knowing radiation (light), there is no chance to understand biochemistry and vice versa. Without knowing biochemistry, there is no chance to know what biological “time” (aging) means.

The first volume is the prerequisite to advance your knowledge to understand the second and the third volume.  

Biochemistry is a study of electrical phenomenon in biological organisms (the Body of Electrons).   To understand yourself, you must understand how your body biochemically interacts with environment and what causes your body to malfunction.  

The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi by Jane Lim