Why Is Money Not A Product Sell?

By Jane Lim | July 25, 2023

Who Analyzed The Economic Index And Who Patented COVID-19?

An image of two mobile phones showing CBDCs and Bitcoins.

The value of money should exist only when a product or a service becomes available for the purpose of exchange.  

1. Money is nothing but a medium that is needed only when products or services are available.

You are forced to borrow money after you are forced not to work due to the lockdown.   In other words, you are forced to borrow money after you are forced to be unemployed.  You are forced to borrow money after you are forced not to provide products or services.  

2. Money could not have been sold when products or services could not have been available during COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the most fundamental reason why capitalism has failed for two millennia and why you have been defrauded by the economists who work for FRB shareholders.

3. Who owns The Economist?  The inventor of COVID-19.

Money has been offered for being forced to be vaccinated in order to help depopulation.  In other words, you have been asked to commit suicide through vaccines.  The Economic Impact Payment (EIP) has been offered for being forced to shut down your business in order to help bankruptcy (another suicide) for the benefits of people who lab-created and invested in COVID-19. 

4. Who patented the subject coronavirus?  The lord of money.

Connect dots from 1 to 4 in order to remain logical and analytical for the rest of your life no matter what other economists have said to you about Economics through the media for the past 200 years.  As you learned about the paradoxical vaccination, Economics has been also poisoned by the same moving force that has brainwashed humans for 2,000 years.

How To Calculate How Much Money We Need

The public recognition of your currency should be based on the final amount after you deduct your foreign debt from your GDP.  The public recognition of a currency should not be based on the material used to make currencies.   Money is not a product for a certain group of people or a product to sell.  Bitcoins do not meet the requirements to be a currency at all.  The public recognition should be awarded by all UN member states meaning that the currency should be used in all countries without need to exchange.

Definition Of Currency

Bitcoins cannot buy products or services just like you cannot buy products or services by gold unless someone buys your gold, and you receive cash in exchange.  While gold is an extremely useful composition of many products such as computer motherboards, Bitcoins are not.   Therefore, Bitcoins cannot replace gold.  

Bitcoin investors are confused between the value of products and services and the value of a method to exchange products and services.  They are not equal meaning that a currency does not need to be made of gold, silver, copper or an expensive material.  Currencies only need the public recognition.  Currencies do not require scarcity either.  They should be as equally available as GDPs are.  Bitcoins lack the public recognition not only because they require too much energy to produce but also their values fluctuate, which is the most undesirable condition to become a currency.

Money holds an exchange value only.  It does not have a sellable value because the purpose of money is to express the value of the subject services or products in exchange.   The act of selling money (loans) should be banned across the world.  You cannot buy a purchasing method.  Will you buy (exchange) 1 bottle of water by (with) 1.5 bottle of water, 1 apple by 1.5 apple and $1 dollar by $1.5?   

The Biggest Loophole Of Economics

The biggest mistake that humans have made for two millennia is selling something that cannot be sold.  You cannot sell sky, pathogen or humans.  Likewise, you cannot sell money because money is not a product to sell but a method to exchange.  Money should be swapped with products or services only.  It should not be swapped with money because money is nothing but trash without a product or a service.  Earth Currency that is not issued by one country will be discussed in a separate article or a video.  

The Origin Of Monetary Fraud

Knights Templar and The Roman Catholic Church defrauded citizens by selling money after they had collected donations through tithes and offerings and after they had confiscated assets through three Crusades.  They created the present banking system after that.

The biggest reason why capitalism has failed for two millenniums is because capitalists have sold something that should not have been sold.  Money is not a product to sell.  Likewise, Bitcoins or CBDCs are not a product to sell either.  The prices of currencies cause fake values (bubbles) to all markets. Not only Bitcoin investors but also CBDC investors are gamblers not investors.  It is time to remove proverbs 22:7 from the Bible. 

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender (Proverbs 22:7).

Incorrect Definition Of Currency

When FRB shareholders print dollar bills, they assume that they will receive more money by adding interests to principals after they sell money because they consider money as their products to sell.  Even if you earned income by selling your services or products, they still expect to receive money back along with interests because they believe that their products are being rented out somewhere.  Even if you did not apply for loans, they expect all dollars to be back to them along with interests.  This monetary greed is the reason why the value of dollars has increased year by year even though FRB have printed more dollar bills that are exceeding the total GDPs of 195 UN member states. 

In other words, you never own money forever.  You are a borrower even if the money is deposited into your saving account because you may not be able to withdraw your money from your bank. If you have no control over on your own money, you do not own it.

Incorrect Definition Of Software Sales

Bill Gates changed his sales policy. Microsoft product users are borrowing Microsoft Office 365 instead of purchasing it.   This generates endless profits for hundreds of years until the programs are no longer needed in new operating systems in the future.  Microsoft believes that all files that you created are not your intellectual properties either.   Look at the roaming folder to check who is reading your confidential files and look at the property owner of your hard disk where you store your files.

The Origin Of The Bad Business Conduct

This type of blasphemous act and unethical business conduct inherited from Knights Templar.  That is why Knights Templar were executed by the order of French King Philip IV on the Friday October 13th, 1307, and why Pope Clement V had to dissolve Knights Templar in 1312.  Money should not have been used to transfer the wealth from producers to bankers as you can see the video, Prices Of Money Cause Recessions And Inflations Not The Other Way Around (Jul 19, 2023).

Find out in my book series 2 how we can replace loans when you need to borrow money and why the opportunity cost does not exist during pandemics, in other words, why you should not have paid interests during COVID-19 pandemic.