Why Do Bubbles Of Money
And Vaccines Lead Nations To WW3?

By Jane Lim | July 25, 2023

Should You Vote For Presidential Candidates Who Invest In Vaccines To Bankrupt You And To Begin WW3?

An image of Trump's Abraham Accord Coin showing cryptocurrencies.

The heads of your countries should never financially or politically support biolabs that modify DNAs of pathogens to submit patent applications and cause lockdowns in order to sell vaccines (byproducts of pathogens) after that.  You should never vote for those presidential candidates who encourage gambling (speculations) in monetary systems and gambling in vaccine business.

Selling a Treasury bond to foreign investors is like gambling as well because you can lose your country to the foreign investors who may suddenly sell off all of your country Treasury holdings all at once.  Buying a Treasury bond from a foreign country is also like gambling because you lose your money to the country if the country conducts a Ponzi scheme.

In fact, FRB shareholders can act as foreign investors.  Foreign investors’ sudden reduction of Treasury holdings can cause the US Treasury to be bankrupted.  Likewise, FRB’s planned deferred assets can do the same to the US Treasury.

The Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 play games with interest rates in order to take over your properties and assets.  Nearly all inflations and recessions are man-made through the prices of money.  FRB shareholders orchestrate man-made inflations and recessions in order to increase the values of their liquid assets (money).  They are not loyal to the US. They are more interested in their personal gains across the world.  This is the condition that all US presidents are embracing at the time when they are chosen by them.  That condition is a reason for receiving donations from them as well.  Therefore, presidential campaign donations should be illegal in the future.

Can economists stop inflations and recessions without prohibiting the prices of money (loan interests)?  Manipulating markets with interest rates is similar to manipulating markets with Bitcoins since both of them create more bubbles to the global economy.   

If your country’s GDP is $20 trillion, this should never increase to $25 trillion by the bubbles because then $5 trillion will cause bankruptcies to people like home owners or employees who did not create the bubbles.  Do bubbles in your milk give you nutrition that you need?   

If your population is 300 million,  your country will miscalculate GDP per capita as $83,333 while it should be $66,666.  In other words, 60 million people will be drinking bubbles of milk while 240 million people are drinking milk.  The US Treasury has created these bubbles by selling Treasury bonds after it borrowed more money from FRB shareholders who simply printed more money because the US Treasury could not pay off debts to Treasury bond holders such as China and Japan.  

This situation is the same as FTX who ended up with bankruptcy.  All countries have no reason to borrow money any longer and global citizens have no reason to suffer from recessions any longer if they adapt Revolutionary Producer-Customer Relationship as I introduced and if they agree to illegalize the act of pricing money across the world.   If all 195 nations agree, all of them survive the problems that the Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 have caused to 7.8 billion people.   If they do not, all of them do not survive.  Therefore, they may choose to move forward WW3.  If the heads of your countries promote vaccines and loans, it is a red flag signaling that they are working for the Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 not for their citizens.  

More Vaccines = More Lockdowns = More Loans = More Bankruptcies = More Wars = More Weapons

By promoting more vaccines, they are incentivizing lab-created pathogens that are sold as vaccines.   Vaccines are byproducts of pathogens.   What are the active ingredients of vaccines?   If your presidents pretend that they do not understand this, they are likely the investors who receive shares from the vaccine companies.   By investing in vaccines, the heads of your countries are opening a door to WW3.