How To Distinguish
The Fake From
The Genuine

By Jane Lim | January 10, 2023

How To Distinguish Fake Reviewers From Genuine Reviewers

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This article suggests how to distinguish fake reviewers from genuine reviewers and fake Facebook users from authentic users.  

Being fake is being fraudulent.  Fraud is a crime.  Fraud is a threat to the society since it is similar to the situation where you are being held hostage by gangs who are gunning for unjust profit by driving people to the wrong directions.   No person should be allowed to profit at another's expense without making restitution of the value of any benefits that have been unfairly received and retained.

Hidden Partnerships Exposed

According to internet search results, Lisa Petrison promotes book sales as a Marketing manager working for Neil Nathan.  Lisa Petrison has led a large Facebook group to make profits for Neil Nathan without needing to pay ad. fees to Facebook.  She had harvested email addresses from her Facebook group members, which violates the Facebook policy.  Her group members have been required to submit their email addresses in order to join the group.  A free booklet had been written and emailed by Lisa Petrison to the group members, who have been required to submit the best ratings for Neil Nathan in exchange of a free audio book as well.

Invaluable things are not provided for free because a value is equal to a price. 

Traceable Markers Revealing A True Intent

One of Lisa Petrison’s group members, Susan McIntyre posted two fake reviews on Amazon in order to send my book fans to Neil Nathan’s page.  She intentionally posted two reviews on December 26, 2019.   This type of marketing strategy is used by unethical business owners in an attempt to take over customers from competitors by driving the customers to their landing pages (targeted pages).

If you post a negative review about Business A and a positive review about Business B next to each other on the same day showing the Business B link as a follower, what do you think the page visitors would do?

Frequent Changes Of Social Media Profiles Using Fake Names

Since 2019, Susan McIntyre has used this trick to steal my book fans and send them to Neil Nathan’s book page.  In 2020, she changed her Facebook profile name to Suzanna Jane in order to hide her Facebook profile from the people who may criticize her bad conduct.