Inflated Money
Causes Recessions And Inflations
Not The Other Way Around

By Jane Lim | Updated on July 27, 2023 | Posted on July 20, 2023

By Selling Money, A Fake Value Is Added To Money Causing Recessions And Inflations Not The Other Way Around

If you are a producer who produces 1,000 dozens of pencils at $10 per 12 pencils, you will earn $10,000.  However, when a banker increases the interest rate by 10% for your loan, you have no choice but to increase the price of pencils from $10 to $11 because the cost of production has increased by 10%.  Then the customers cannot afford to buy 1,000 dozens of pencils any longer since all other markets have received the same impact of the increased interest.  Customers may decrease the purchases of pencils to 100 dozens of pencils from 1,000 dozens of pencils.   

This causes GDP reduction from $10,000 to $1,100.  This situation is an inflation caused by the inflated money and a recession caused by the inflated money.  However, your schools erroneously teach the other way around because all educational systems are controlled by bankers who rule nearly all areas including presidential elections.   Mortgage rates should not be manipulated to lower homebuyers' demand because the inflated money enriches banks and breaks the law of supply and demand again.   The home supply should meet the actual demand.  This is the Economics that should not have been ignored by politicians, economists or banks.

To discourage homebuyers from property speculation, FRB increases interest rates but that is not the way to control the housing markets.  FRB merely benefits its shareholders (banks) who are in the position to take over your properties when mortgages are not paid in time because FRB justifies the increased interest rate.  FRB acts as a spokesperson for the shareholders (banks).  There is a new way to buy homes without loans or saving accounts. This is a reason why I wrote the book series 2 to present a new way to buy homes.

If your GDP is $1,000 and if the population of your country is two, each person can have $500 respectively.  If a bubble was created as much as $500 by an interest, each person can have only $250 respectively.  Person A would consider a depopulation plan in order to have $500 plus the bubble ($500) that Person A created.  This would give you only $250 not $500.  This new calculation would give $1,000 to Person A who plans to kill you after Person A receives $500 as an interest (the bubble) from you.  This is what happened before and after the Crusades and WW1-2.  This is happening in the aftermath of COVID-19 and will continue to happen before and after WW3.  

A wolf would feed a child to have a bigger dinner.   A person would feed a cow to make many beefsteaks.  If selling money becomes illegal across the world, Person A has no vehicle to fabricate inflations using the price of money (inflated money).  This is what global citizens should have learned in their schools before they had been harmed by the fabricated inflations and recessions for two millenniums.  See the graph above to find out how the interests of money (inflated money) inflate the prices of products decreasing your purchasing power.

Why do you invest in fake values (inflated money) that corrupt all markets where you should buy houses, vehicles and oil at higher prices?  Monetary investment is like suicide and homicide both because your investment enabled bankers to take over all assets including yours and others in the end as you see can the fish and the ship below.   In the image of Money Chain, see how the FTX bankruptcy became a food to a bigger fish that engulfs a smaller fish.

Without prices of money (interests, inflation of money), the unnecessary inflations and recessions can be prevented.  Those who create bubbles in all markets should be penalized not only by a commercial law but also by a criminal law because bubbles eventually cause murderous world wars in order to sell more money to all nations during the wars. 

Money is not a product to sell.  This situation is like buying cholesterol abundant foods only to increase the level of cholesterol without knowing the cause of your illness resulting in destructive human relationships due to the illness.  People invest in monetary products without knowing the cause of their poverty and death.  They  are empowering the lord of money so that the lord of money can engulf all of their assets in the end.  See the image of fish and the graph above again.

This question is also similar to the question whether you will choose a bottle of water or a dollar in Kong Island.  All markets are programmed to fail unless the bubbles (prices of money) are permanently removed from all markets.    Without the removal of bubbles, WW3 and WW4 are unavoidable if you know the root cause of WW1-WW2 and all revolutions.  

Nations should remove all licenses to sell money in order to remove bubbles.  Bubbles (fake values) destroy the global economy by breaking the law of economy.  Since money is not a product to sell but a method to exchange a value, there is no need to complicate the process of production of money or to increase the cost of the production.  It should be easy to convert a GDP to a currency at no cost.  All nations should receive Earth Currencies based on their GDPs.  This topic will be discussed in a separate article.

By selling money, unnecessary bubbles are created breaking the law of economy. Producers should determine the supply by the actual demand from customers not from gamblers. The people, who have no talents other than selling money, will continue to take over bankrupted companies after causing bankruptcies to them through more pandemics and  more lockdowns in order to sell money.   The people who invest in weapons, will continue to cause more wars in order to sell more weapons.

The present monetary system will be reformed as I introduced in my book series 2 in the future.  When humans evolve, they would prohibit loans (interests) after they abandon the present banking system that justifies the price of money.   Money can not and should not be priced.   You can charge for houses (goods) or cleaning houses (services) not for the money exchanged in the transaction.   $5 should not be sold at $6.   $500 should not change to $600 even if thousands of years passed because money alone has no values without products or services.  Find out in my book series 2 how we can remove interest rates and replace loans.

Your descendants can keep my book for hundreds of years (2022-2749) to find out whether loans become illegal in the future.  Nobody on earth will be allowed to sell money in the future, in other words, pricing money (interests) will become illegal in all nations sooner or later.

How can we prevent selling money?  How can we break the corrupt cycle where the monetary system controls nearly all aspects of life including politics, legal rights and your health?  How can we borrow money without interests?  What will  replace loans?  How can 7.8 billion global citizens secure monthly income that can replace loans and mortgages?  How have Masons evolved to become bankers and why they have changed the name of the organization four times?  What can replace loans?  How do interest rates manipulate macro and micro economy across the world?   Why should we issue currencies based on GDP?  Find out the answers in my book series 2, Directors Of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3: New Economic Systems To Prevent Biowar, Recession And Paradoxical Vaccination.

A graph showing how markets react to increased interests

A Fake Value Is Added To Money

A graph showing how to recover recessions and inflations.

How To Cure Recessions And Inflations