Why Is LDL Cholesterol
A Precursor Of Cancer?

By Jane Lim | Updated on November 30, 2022 | Posted on March 21, 2015

Why Is LDL Cholesterol A Precursor Of Cancer?

Why Is LDL Cholesterol A Precursor Of Cancer?

Your target is not Vitamin D2 or D3 to form but Ergosterol and LDL Cholesterol to destroy. Vitamin D is naturally formed by the redox reaction as a result when the harmful sterols are destroyed by UV light at 380 nm wavelength in the UV range.  

Low Vitamin D levels could mean either that the patients have not been severely infected by those harmful sterols or that those harmful fungal sterols have not been fully destroyed by an irradiation because the patients have not received enough UV light. Consumers are misled to believe that they need to supplement Vitamin D without knowing the underlying cause (fungal sterol) of the increased or decreased levels of Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D does not destroy those harmful sterols. Vitamin D is like a sales receipt that you receive after you purchase a product or service. Generating a sales receipt without supplying a product or service does not fulfill a customer's need. What you need is a product or service not a receipt. Destruction of those harmful sterols is the service that you need. 

There are no fungus-free humans. This is the reason why Vitamin D2 is formed after the fungal sterol, Ergosterol in your body was exposed to the sunlight. 

Ergosterol has been considered the “fungal sterol” for almost 125 years; however, additional sterol data superimposed on a recent molecular phylogeny of kingdom Fungi reveals a different and more complex situation. Five dominant end products of sterol biosynthesis (Cholesterol, Ergosterol, 24-methyl Cholesterol, 24-ethyl Cholesterol, Brassicasterol), and intermediates in the formation of 24-ethyl Cholesterol, are major sterols in 175 species of Fungi. (Weete, J.D. et al. (2010). “Phylogenetic Distribution of Fungal Sterols” PLoS One 5 (5): e10899. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010899. PMID: 20526375. PMCID: PMC2878339).

Your LDL Cholesterol (bad) is likely the mutated fungal sterol that is horizontally transferred to the host by the parasitic fungi in order to survive the host's antibodies resulting in autoimmune diseases. The LDL levels tell you how much you were exposed to those harmful parasitic fungi that always yield acids in the host building cancerous cells. Your bad Cholesterol (LDL) would have been converted to Vitamin D3 and your cancerous cells would have been destroyed if you had received enough sunlight everyday. 

Vitamin D2-fortified milk means that the milk, which is infected by parasitic fungi, is now UV irradiated, and the harmful Ergosterol (Cancer) is destroyed. Therefore, any milk that is not irradiated can give you the harmful Ergosterol (fungal sterol) living in the milk. If your LDL Cholesterol is destroyed by the sunlight, you get Vitamin D3.

What you need is to kill off Ergosterol and LDL Cholesterol by getting high energy photons from the sunlight and by eating alkaline foods that will disable the fungal metabolism.

Photo(n)-resistant parasitic fungi convert Ergosterol to Lanosterol and to LDL Cholesterol. If you are exposed to sunlight every day, LDL Cholesterol is converted to Vitamin D. Without this process, eating Vitamin D abundant foods (another GMO mistake) does not destroy these harmful sterols that build cancer cells resulting in autoimmune diseases.

How do parasitic fungi make cancer cells? Why does sunlight (radiation) destroy cancer cells? How are the parasitic fungi destroyed by the sunlight? Why is LDL Cholesterol destroyed by the sunlight? Why is Vitamin D formed when the fungal sterols are destroyed? What are vitamins?

The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi by Jane Lim.