Are FTX And Facebook
CIA Agents
Working For All-Seeing Eye?

By Jane Lim | July 20, 2023

Are Bankman-Fried And Zuckerberg CIA Agents Working For The Lord Of Money?

An image of a ship that is fishing a money chain.

Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX may have been secretly hired to search Bitcoin investors in the black market and to prove that Bitcoin is a risky investment only to swallow it in the end.   Large banks conduct Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) after bankrupting small banks.  

If Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft act as CIA agents collecting your IP addresses, login credentials of your online accounts and all pages that you have visited (pageviews), Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX may have been a CIA agent monitoring the black market.

Could Cryptocurrencies And Social Media Be Trojan Horses Of The Troy City?

If adware is spyware, cryptocurrencies are spycurrencies.  Both serve as All-Seeing Eye of Freemasonry.  Both serve as Trojan Horse used by the Greeks during the Trojan War to penetrate into the city of Troy.  CBDCs are likely Trojan Horse to be used by the Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 to control money flow of 195 UN member states and to confiscate the assets of dead soldiers and residents during WW3.

Freemasons adapted the concept of Trojan Horse to politics, religions, electronic devices such as computers and phones that have streamlined the process of hijacking many countries.  Now cryptocurrencies are the best tool to achieve their goals.  CBDCs will do the better job than religions did when it comes to funneling money into the lord of money, who is often known as a Ponzi scheme manager. 

Did Banks and US Treasury Use A Ponzi Scheme?

Banks use a Ponzi scheme since banks sell your money to other bank customers through loans without giving you the equal interests that you are asked to pay when you borrow money from your banks.  Banks bankrupt when all bank customers run to their banks at the same time to get cash or to close their accounts.  When you deposit money to your bank account, your bank manages to allow you to withdraw cash from your account even if your money was sold to others as loans because banks have many other customers who do not need to withdraw cash all at once at the same time.

The US Treasury has used the same Ponzi scheme to foreign creditors such as China and Japan.  When Treasury bonds mature, the US Treasury must pay off the existing debts plus interests to the existing creditors.  However, for example, the value of US Treasury bonds held by Russia decreased to $3.85 billion from $12.6 billion in 2020.  As of January 2023, the value is only $67 million having declined by 89% from the previous month.   This declining trend troubles the US Treasury when it has to borrow more money from other new creditors in order to pay off the existing debts plus interests to the existing creditors.

Small Fish Are Engulfed By Bigger Fish (What Is The Definition Of Monopoly?)

The FTX bankruptcy fortifies the ongoing monopoly infrastructure of the monetary market.  Did FTX assets disappear into the ship of the lord of money by fabricating the bankruptcy?

JPMorgan Chase increased more assets transferring the wealth from the US Treasury to JPMorgan Chase in 2023.  JPMorgan Chase’s acquisition of First Republic on May 1,  increases its annual income by an additional $500 million.  In the aftermath of pandemics and wars, small banks are taken over by the monopoly banker (FRB shareholder) who owns the biggest share in IMF and the World Bank. 

Likewise, the fate of cryptocurrencies is likely the same.  All cryptocurrencies will be funneled into the biggest FRB shareholder in the long run.  Since JPMorgan invests in Microsoft’s cryptocurrency stocks, JPMorgan has no reason to oppose cryptocurrencies.  Likewise, FRB has no reason to oppose CBDCs.  However, FRB has not paid remittances to US Treasury since October 2022 after the Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 intentionally caused a financial turmoil to 7.8 billion global citizens through lockdowns.

On December 7, 2012, Silvergate Bank (Bitcoin seller) was approved as one of the shareholders by FRB (CBDC sellers). In 2021, Facebook partnered with Silvergate Bank.  FTX (Bitcoin seller) was one of Silvergate Bank’s big customers.  In March 2023, remaining crypto clients fled after FTX had filed for bankruptcy on November 11, 2022. 

BlackRock invested $24 million in FTX in 2022.  BlackRock provides JPMorgan Chase $1 trillion of BlackRock assets.  BlackRock is the second biggest shareholder of JPMorgan Chase owning 6.6% of total shares.  JPMorgan Chase is the biggest FRB shareholder.  Therefore, who is behind FTX’s Bitcoins and JPMorgan Chase’s CBDCs?  Who are the hidden directors of FRB chairman Jerome H. Powell?

A Sickle Held By Sam

Is FTX an undercover CIA agent who weaves a web to search black money only to funnel the black money into the biggest FRB shareholder in the long run?   What does BlackRock mean?  Is it not black money?  What does Chase mean in JPMorgan Chase?  Is it not tracking (chasing)?  Why did Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock say “Bitcoin is an international asset”?  Is it not because BlackRock is behind Satoshi Nakamoto and Sam?  Is JPMorgan Chase not behind BlackRock?  Is FRB not behind JPMorgan Chase?  FRB shareholders own IMF and the World Bank since they are the biggest shareholders.  Is Freemasonry the ship that is fishing all money?  Its symbol is All-Seeing Eye that you can see on the dollar bills.  Why does Sam of FTX hold a sickle (a symbol of communism – Freemasonry) in his Facebook photo?  Is he expressing that he is a Freemason?

Why Did FRB Cause Bankruptcy To The US Treasury?

In 2022, why did FRB intentionally cause deferred assets (negative liabilities), which became the losses of the US Treasury paying no remittances to the US Treasury?  Between January 2011 and September 2022, FRB paid approximately $1 trillion to the US Treasury. This remittance has stopped since October 2022.  Should global citizens be concerned that they may lose everything to BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase once CBDCs are launched according to what is happening now?  It is time to delete Proverbs 22:7 from the Bible.

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender (Proverbs 22:7).

One of the biggest FRB shareholders, JPMorgan Chase laid off 25% of FRB employees in April 2023 and took over $173 billion in loans, $30 billion in securities, and $92 billion in deposits.  JPMorgan Chase is the biggest FRB shareholder but it has grown bigger thanks to COVID-19 pandemic and the bankruptcy of US Treasury. 

Should The US Follow The History Of The UK?

The UK suffered from bankruptcy in 1990s due to the same strategy (Proverbs 22:7) used by Freemasons.  The UK bankruptcy suddenly increased from 9,365 in 1989 to 25,640 in 1991.  From 1990 to 1991, the bankruptcy increased by 83%, which is the highest rate in the British history. 

Now the US citizens are going through exactly the same crisis because the heads of countries like Thatcher, Trump and Biden have not truly understood why “Money Is Not A Product To Sell.”  The UK lost its financial power to a banking family in the City of London.  Treasury bonds have been used to take over the UK government and nearly all other governments across the world.  

All nations cannot avoid bankruptcy unless the act of pricing money becomes illegal.  Who conceived the idea of Treasury bond before Rothschild did?  Knights Templar and Popes did.  Why are all nations trapped by the present monetary system?   Who would be motivated to engineer COVID-19 pandemic that justifies deferred assets of FRB (bankruptcy of the US Treasury) and CBDCs?  Who is behind JPMorgan Chase and FRB (Fed)?  How can a new economic system Revolutionary Producer-Customer Relationship (RPCR) prevent money laundering?  Why should your currency value be based on your GDP not the fiat currency?  How can a new economic system RPCR prevent the lord of money from stealing your CBDCs?   How can RPCR provide monthly income (Universal Basic Income) that could replace loans?  Find out the answers in my book series 2, Directors Of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3: New Economic Systems To Prevent Biowar, Recession And Paradoxical Vaccination.