Why Did Queen Elizabeth II Use
The Rod Of Caduceus As Jubilee Beacon?

By Jane Lim | Updated on April 22, 2024 | Posted on April 8, 2024

Why Did Queen Elizabeth II Light The Jubilee Beacon That Appears To Be The Rod Of Caduceus In Baphomet?

Image of the Rod of Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius.

In a painting at the British Museum, Queen Elizabeth I is wearing a dress that has many embroidered single eyes and snakes.  

Why did the Royal Family trigger WW3 before 2020 by sponsoring COVID-19 (Patentee: Pirbright, UK) and its byproduct such as testing methods (Patentee: Richard Rothschild, UK) even before Russia-Ukraine war began?

Why did Bill Gates receive a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II even though he is not British?  

Is Bill Gates an industrial spy (secret service) working under the British government or the American government?  Or both?   

Are Windows and cryptocurrency (blockchain) the methods to accomplish his mission?

These topics were discussed in my book.

What Happens If Two Rods Of Asclepius Face Each Other?

Image of the combined symbols of US dollar and WHO emblem appearing as the Rod of Caduceus.

Asclepius: Greek God of Healing 

The Rod of Asclepius: Single-serpent Entwined Rod

Zeus killed Asclepius to depopulate humans because Zeus thought that Asclepius may render all humans immortal.  This can give you a clue how vaccines were invented replacing infanticide even without knowing the true motivation of Edward Jenner (vaccine inventor). 

Caduceus: Greek God of Trickster (Magicians) / Thieves (Son of Zeus)

The Rod of Caduceus: Two-serpent Entwined Rod, A Staff Carried By Hermes

Knights Templar invented the banking system during the crusades.  World Health Organization (WHO) adopted the Rod of Asclepius but it used the mirror image.  Both were combined (Rod of Caduceus) in Baphomet that is worshipped in the Church of Satan.  Knights Templar worshipped Baphomet, which may explain why they were called Magicians (MAGA) of The Temple since MAGA is the highest rank in the Church of Satan.   Knights Templar were military bankers working under the Roman Catholic Church.  This also explains why bankers had invested in COVID-19 vaccines before the pandemic began and why WHO supported the patentee and producers of COVID-19.  

In Directors Of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3, you can find out who invented Baphomet and who wants to keep the middle East busy with wars.  You can also find out who has become the directors of World War 1-3.   You can also find out the link between Masons, Skull & Bones, Jesuits and Freemasons.

You will also discover why the rod of Asclepius and the rod of Caduceus have been adopted by world organizations and why Bill Gates and WHO are following Zeus in the 21st century.  Since these signs talk louder than words, you will realize why you need to study the signs first in order to understand the motivation and agenda of WW3 and COVID-19 pandemic.

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