Sunlight Acts As A Dehydrogenase

By Jane Lim | Updated on April 21, 2024 | Posted on April 8, 2024

What Is The Role Of Dehydrogenase (Enzyme) In Animals And Yeast?

In healthy animals, dehydrogenase can catalyze the oxidation (removal of hydrogens: H2) of ethanol (CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH) to acetaldehyde (CH3CHO or C2H4O: 2 hydrogens were removed). 

In yeast, it is reversed. Dehydrogenase catalyzes the production of ethanol (more acidic) from acetaldehyde.  That is why yeast is killed by itself through its metabolism (fermentation).  Alcohol is a form of fungal urine because alcohol is the final product of fungal metabolism.  

If you are infected by a fungus, the parasitic fungus is not killed by its own metabolism  because its metabolic pathway shifts  once it is hosted by animals.  The pathway of fungal metabolism shifts because the fungus is provided with endless food (you are the food) until the hosts die of  high levels of acids.  Cancer patients suffer from high levels of acids.  This explains why you must consume alkaline foods (vitamins are acids) if you are diagnosed with cancer.  

See my book p. 167 to find why LDH activities are high in patients with cancer.

See p. 343 to find out why H+ concentration (pH level) is 0 in drain cleaner (strong alkaline) and why H+ concentration is very high in alcohol (strong acid).  

Sunlight Acting As A Dehydrogenase When It Converts Cholesterol To Vitamin D3

In The Silent War Within, you have learned that UV irradiation acts as dehydrogenase.  Sunlight catalyzes the oxidation of cholesterol (C27H46O) to vitamin D3 (C27H44O: 2 hydrogens were removed).  

By UV irradiation, 

Ergosterol (C28H44O) is converted to vitamins D2 (C28H44O, ergocalciferol) in yeast.

Cholesterol (C27H46O) is converted to 7-Dehydrocholesterol (C27H44O=7DHC) which is vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in humans.   See p. 190 to find how 7dehydrocholesterol becomes vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

If dehydrogenase (enzyme) is destroyed or if your skin does not receive sunlight, this can lead to a build-up of 7DHC because 7DHC will not be converted to vitamin D3. This means that vitamin D3 is no longer produced in the skin.  The lack of sunlight can be a reason for high levels of LDL cholesterol if you have not changed your diet and if you are not living in a moldy place.

C28H44O In Yeast: Ergosterol [A] = vitamins D2 [B]

C27H44O  In Humans: 7-Dehydrocholesterol [A] = vitamin D3 [B]

If [A] and [B] have the same chemical formula, if the level of [A] is high, the level of [B] is also high.  Studies have shown that when levels of cholesterol are high, more vitamin D3 is produced in the skin if the skin is exposed to sunlight. The reason for this conclusion can be found in the equations above.  If you drink lots of water, lots of water is released by urination if metabolic failure does not occur.  Likewise, if the level of your cholesterol is high, the level of your vitamin D3 is also high if your skin receives sunlight.

It can be assumed that the consumption of vitamin D3 can only increase the levels of cholesterol according to the study and the equation above because the chemical formulas of [A] and [B] become the same after 2H is removed (dehydrogenation by UV irradiation) in humans.  You should not increase a level of cholesterol in order to increase a level of vitamin D3 and vice versa.   Instead, your focus should remain on the successful conversion rate (removal of 2H) by sunlight.  After you drink lots of water, if the amount of urine is very small, you will start to question about the conversion error (metabolic failure).

More Oxygen Is Needed To Repair The Disrupted ETC For Cancer Patients

Oxygen is the final electron acceptor in the ETC (Electron Transport Chain). Without oxygen, electrons will be accumulated in a congested state, causing the ETC to be disrupted, which is the direct reason for the fatigue of patients with chronic infections.  The untreated chronic infections are the reason for cancer.  

In The Silent War Within, you have learned why cancer patients require more oxygen than healthy people in order to repair the disrupted ETC. You have learned how to treat dying fish through a manual hyperbaric therapy using water (H2O) that consists of oxygen.  You have learned how to feed your dogs and cats with cancer.  In The Architectural Reform, I will introduce how to use a  hyperbaric therapy for yourself without a hyperbaric chamber at home.