Why Do You Feel Cold And Urinate
When You Are Infected?

By Jane Lim | May 23, 2024

Catching A Cold Is A Statement That Misleads Patients.  

Patients may think that the cold air is the cause of their illness.  It is not the cold air that makes them feel sick.  It is pathogens whose metabolites are acids.  Since they remove electrons, you become acidic and feel cold as a result.  This is the reason why you feel cold in summer.

If your airconditioning system has made you feel sick, you may think that the cold air is the cause of your illness.  It is pathogens that hide away from sunlight and are pulled into the airconditioning systems by fans.

If you feel urge to urinate shortly after you turn on your car airconditioning system, you will have to change the filter and clean up the system.  Your frequent urination is a response to an infection.  It is due to histamine release.  Flushing your toilet is the first step to clean your toilet bowl.  Likewise, flushing your bladder is the first step to remove pathogens out of your bladder.

How can you stop frequent urination?  How can you keep yourself warm when pathogens attack you and when pathogens live with you inside your rooms or computers?  Why is calcium spray used to disinfect your lung?   Why alkaline foods lower your LDL cholesterol level?   Why is sunlight alkaline?  

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