Can A CBDC Delete
A Man Or A Country?

By Jane Lim | Updated on July 28, 2023 | Posted on July 25, 2023

Can A CBDC Delete A Man Or A Country?

An image of a man compared with money to confiscate.

If you die during WW3, your CBDCs, which are recorded on the blockchain servers, can be easily confiscated through the servers such as Microsoft, IBM, Twitter, Facebook or Amazon because the record of your death will be accessible by them thanks to the biometric information stored on the same blockchain servers.   This has become possible through COVID-19 pandemic.   This may answer the question why Bill Gates has invested in vaccines and why Microsoft patented a cryptocurrency.

Who has invested in the blockchain technology since 2008?  See the fish and the ship in the image of the article Are FTX And Facebook CIA Agents Working For All-Seeing Eye? and see the eyes in the image of the article Your Devices Act As ATMs When CBDCs BeginThey are FRB shareholders whose predecessors are Knights Templar (Crusaders).   Knights Templar used interest rates as monetary weapons.  What would happen to your country if your country did not pay off foreign debts?  Why did the French King Philip IV order the execution of Knights Templar on Friday, October 13, 1307?   Who is interested in deleting 195 countries and 7.8 billion global citizens from the blockchain servers?   Are the survived knights trying to use vaccines to speed up the deleting process in order to confiscate your assets much faster?

Have you been given a chance to oppose your CBDC?  Had your parents and grandparents been given a chance to reject pathogens that were injected through vaccines to your body as soon as you or your parents were born?  If not, you and your ancestors have been enslaved.

FRB shareholders and the law enforcement officers may abuse CBDCs for their own personal gains since they can see the whole transactions of enterprises and governments across the world through the blockchain servers.  Although CBDCs can get rid of unnecessary commissions paid to banks whenever you have to exchange or transfer money, CBDCs can be abused like the fiat currency has been abused.  FRB shareholders have been able to manipulate the global economy in order to increase personal assets using their monetary weapons such as interest rates.

CBDCs reset your social status.   CBDCs can convert 7.8 billion global citizens to slaves in seconds.  Why is that so?  Who do you think will eventually own your cryptocurrencies? Whether they are Bitcoins or CBDCs, it does not matter.  The owner is the cloud servers.   When you die, your CBDCs will be confiscated by the blockchain servers.  Banks took possession from the dead people whose bank accounts were abandoned because they died in WW1-2 and the Crusades.  Who is the owner of your documents stored under C drive?  Who owns your C drive?  Is it you or trusted installers?  If you are not the owner but a user, you are enslaved to the company that is remotely controlling your computer operating systems. Who has access to your personal files stored on your cloud server?  Why did Microsoft force all pc users to upgrade to Windows 10 and 11 prior to WW3?

You are no longer owner but an audience of advertisement or a user of your own documents as soon as you start to use your electronic devices or as soon as you start to use cloud services.  Those billionaires silently have stolen your intellectual properties through electronic devices and software which you purchased, and you have not known of this deception for many decades.  Are you a citizen or a slave?  Is your judge a citizen or a slave?  

Your privacy right is violated everyday through your computer operating systems, anti-virus programs, smart phones and emails.  These applications had been initially invented for the military purpose many years before they were permitted for commercial use.  These systems were developed to spy on enemy states and effectively communicate between army bases.    

Who invented CBDC?  CBDC was invented to change the ownership of your country without your objection. You can lose your money to someone who uses backdoors to the server of Bitcoins and CBDCs.  The owner is not you or your government but the directors of COVID-19 pandemic and WW3.  The directors conceived the idea below a long time ago.

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave of the lender (Proverbs 22:7).

The ownership can be transferred overnight by confiscating your money without your knowledge if your national debt is not paid by your country or if your tax is not paid by you.  Do the heads of countries know of this?  Yes, they do.  Who are the Pied Pipers in The Economist?  

How did The Simpsons know in 2000 that the former President Trump would run for the president and would be elected to increase the national debt, which contradicts his promise?  During his tenure, the national debt increased by almost $7.8 trillion.  Who benefited from his election?  If your electoral votes have not been counted, you have been deceived and enslaved.  Are you a citizen or a slave?  Citizens are the people who can practice their rights to elect presidents or politicians.  The electoral decisions have been made by hidden directors of WW3. The owner of Fox channel blatantly announced through The Simpsons that your electoral votes were not counted in 2016 and may not in 2024 again.  How did The Economist accurately know what will happen to 7.8 billion global citizens and their politicians in the future?  Are you a citizen or a slave?

In 2021, high school students were forced to be vaccinated for COVID-19 only to be admitted to universities. Your children were forced to be vaccinated for more than 18 vaccines as soon as they were born in order to be admitted to preschools.  If you or your parents have not been given a chance to oppose vaccination, are you a citizen or a slave?  You can read, “Ingredients of vaccines and antibodies” again in the book series 1 and 2.

What does the All-Seeing Eye do?  Is it not spying?   Who controls your government?  Who operates the All-Seeing Eye in both capitalist countries and communist countries?  What is it that the All-Seeing Eye want from you or your country through the currency?

If your country does not pay off its debt, it can be deleted from the main blockchain server.  This deletion can serve as a sanction imposed on Russia for example.  This can happen to you or your company as well.  Find out in my book series 2, how 7.8 billion global citizens can avoid the new slavery system, why you should not sell or buy money, in other words, why the act of pricing money should be illegal across the world.  

CBDCs will act as spies (Trojan Horse to attack the city of Troy) in your countries because the blockchain servers such as Microsoft and IBM have capacities to act as spies like they are doing in the present time.  Those companies have no reason to be politically loyal to your countries.   When you have to purchase more weapons during WW3, those servers may intervene the transactions if necessary.  

When your internet service is disconnected, your money supply stops.  Your capability to pay should not rely on a third party’s service.  If you have a paper bill or a coin, nobody can stop your payment even if your device power cable is damaged or even if your town has a power shortage.  Banks have manipulated money exchange rates through intended delays of transactions when you use internet banking.   

Your country cannot trust internet service providers who often do not use encrypted DNS servers at all and whose employees have access to your electronic devices through the loophole.  Even if the blockchain technology may be stable, the peripheral technology is not and extremely vulnerable.  

Money should be a method that everyone can use without interference from third parties.  Money should not be a method to cause harms to humans because money has no value without humans.  Will monkeys exchange bananas with money?  What will the directors do with the money when nobody is left to borrow money from them?