Can Earth Currency
Save The World From WW3?

By Jane Lim | May 31, 2024

Inflation Is A Hidden Taxation And Treasury Bonds Were Invented To Take Over Countries. 

An Image Of Earth Currency Proposed By Author Jane Lim (Copyrighted)

It is because governments are collecting more sales tax whenever consumers pay more money for the same products or services than before.  Inflation is a common strategy for bankers who would justify high interest rates and for governors who could not justify higher tax rates.  To justify high interest rates later, bankers would create man-made pandemics to justify printing money, which is called Quantitative Easing (QE).

Stock prices have increased because investors moved from monetary markets to stock markets when the interest rate was low.  This is a short term symptom.   As a long term symptom, factories will shut down and stock markets will eventually plungeIf producers and consumers lost and lose their income during and after a pandemic, it is not possible for producers to increase stock prices unless bubbles were added to the prices.

Inflation (secret taxation) is the reason why the Roman Empires do not exist any longer because they corrupted their monetary systems through inflation (bubbles of money = fake values of money).  What happens to your milk when you add more bubbles to it?  Milk will go bad quickly.  This is how the UK weakened its financial power after the UK created fake values of money by issuing too much money during or after WW2.  Is the US next in line?  Who wants this monetary scam invented by Magicians Of The Temple?  Who is motivated to bankrupt 195 states through the man-made COVID-19?  Inflation (secret taxation) effectively forces 195 states to be involved with WW3.

Inflation cannot be cured by recruiting more bondholders because bondholders will not buy bonds any longer when your foreign debt to GDP ratio (See p. 35) is too high even if your country increases bond interest rates.  Bondholders have learned a lesson that bubbles remain as bubbles as seen in the case of the Roman Empires and the UK.  Fake values  cannot be magically transformed into real values.  

Magicians Of The Temple and their director tried hard to make kings and queens borrow more money (bubbles) through wars.  The easiest way to take over a country is to buy Treasury bonds.  Therefore, the easiest way to lose a country is to sell Treasury bonds.   Who was highly motivated to invent bond?   Find out more in my book.

Ponzi Scheme (Inflation) Is A Scam To Bankrupt All Nations And The Cause Of Man-Made Pandemics

Inflation provides an excuse for bankers to increase interest rates, which is totally nonsense since this policy kills not only consumers but also producers.  A high interest rate yields a high cost of borrowing money from banks.

Due to the high cost of production, companies go bankrupt even if investors move to stock markets in the beginning, which causes bubbles to stock markets.   When the demand decreases, the supply should decrease meaning that its stock prices could not have increased during the inflation unless fake values had been added to the stock prices by speculations.  If 7.8 billion purchasing power decreases, stock prices are not supposed to increase.

Then, investors such as BlackRock have no means to make money unless bankers indebt people through pandemics and wars.  However, during WW3, bankers are likely the first target to arrest.  Nazis arrested Rothschild banking family during WW2.  

In WW3, Rothschild banking family does not need to fund Russia in order to defeat Nazism because the fiat currency ($) controls nearly all countries across the world meaning that Rothschild banking family is prepared to defeat Nazism through any capitalist country in any capitalist country thanks to the fiat currency that Rothschild banking family controls.  German Nazism failed easily because Deutsche Mark (DM) was not the fiat currency and because Marxists were funded by Rothschild banking family.  In WW3, Russia and China formed BRICS in order to defeat the fiat currency ($) and they started using their CBDCs after they stopped purchasing the US Treasury bonds.

Nazism (Nationalism) has become the major political ideology of Israel.  This fact is not ironical but logical.  Nazis did not want to share the land of Germany with Jews before and during WW2.  Israeli do not want to share the land with Palestinians before and during the war between them now.  Nazism is a reason for Russia to wage a war against Ukraine.  Likewise, Nazism is a reason for Israel to wage a war against Hamas.

Debtors did not pay off debts as seen in the case of King Philip in France (October 13, Friday, Halloween Day). Instead, debtors protested against Magicians Of The Temple (military bankers).  This is what Karl Marx debated and this is also what economists wanted to teach capitalists for many centuries.   

Then will communists overcome the loopholes of capitalism?  Not until Ponzi scheme is trashed by 7.8 billion global citizens.   You cannot solve a problem without getting rid of the problem.

Can Earth Currency Save The World From WW3?

One remedy is Earth currency that is issued for each country based on its GDP.   You do not need to exchange your local currency with a foreign currency when you travel, migrate or transfer money to a foreign country.   No country will wage a war because the  fiat currency can no longer impoverish the entire world through man-made inflations for the benefits of private bankers (Ponzi scheme managers) who issue the fiat currency that can change the fate of your countries.

The world currency can stop the world wars because your countries will not be forced to purchase fake values (inflations = bubbles) from private bankers (Ponzi scheme managers) that act as the world organization bankrupting all countries across the world.  The destiny of your country will solely depend on the productivity and creativity of your residents and the natural resources of your country.  It won't be affected by interest rates any longer.

This world currency should not have connections with Sam Altman’s eye scanners and his digital currency.  It should not have connections with the World Bank where Ponzi scheme is used.

Credit or debit cards serve as digital currencies in the present time because bankers record transactions (verifications of purchase).  Only the difference between these cards and digital currencies is that you are not required to pay bank fees if you use digital currencies.  In this case, you can save a lot of money paid for bank fees.  

What else can save the world from WW3?  Find out more in my book.