Vaccine Paradox And Antibody Tests

By Jane Lim | Updated on November 30, 2022 | Posted on March 18, 2020

Vaccine Paradox And Antibody Tests

Antibodies are weapons to destroy invasive pathogens.  If antibodies have been created, patients will likely survive.  If not, patients will unlikely survive (quarantine is necessary).

Why do autoimmune diseases always produce negative results of antibody tests?

What causes autoimmune diseases?  

How can we undo the harms caused by parasitic pathogens injected, inhaled, eaten and engineered?

Find the answers in The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi by Jane Lim.

Why does the healthcare industry not order antibody tests before or after they administrate multiple vaccines? 

What is the real purpose of immunization passports and quarantine?  

What are seven hidden causes to create COVID-19 in 2015?  

Why is COVID-19 pandemic a precursor of WW3? 

What is the main goal of  WW3?

How will the world transform in 2026 after WW3? 

Find the answers in Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 by Jane Lim.