Should Your Government Incentivize
Bitcoin Gamblers?

By Jane Lim | July 25, 2023

Presidential Campaigns Should Not Be Affected By Gamblers

An image of Bitcoins and a mobile phone showing Bitcoins.

In February 2020, a cryptocurrency (FTX Sam’s Bitcoin) was used to bet on presidential election, which means that the future of your country depended on this type of gambling behavior because investors would do anything to not lose their money.

Zelensky thought that the value of a digital currency would skyrocket immediately after the value of the fiat currency (US dollars) drops before or after WW3.  However, neither the US dollars nor cryptocurrencies will convert your status to non-slave.  Speculation is the first stage of a corrupt society.  If you are a president, would you incentivize someone who has a new technology or someone who gambles with a token or with a dollar?

Why did Biden disapprove Bitcoins after he had received the donation from Sam?  According to The Wall Street Journal on October 28, 2020, Biden received $5 million from Sam during his presidential campaign in 2020.  Was the donation received in cryptocurrency (Bitcoins)?

Sixteen months later, on March 9, 2022, President Biden signed an executive order that requires U.S. government agencies to assess the benefits and risks of creating central bank digital cryptocurrencies.  The Biden administration announced it after the former President Trump had inserted the image of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and CBDCs and COVID-19 vaccine into his Abraham Accord coins.  Through the Abraham Accord coins, the US and Israel both officially announced on September 15, 2020 that the new currencies are cryptocurrencies in the future. 

Fourteen months later, on May 28, 2023, Biden waged a war against crypto as a response to the criticism about his mouth that moved the cryptocurrency market. And the value of Bitcoin dropped below $16,000 in the aftermath of FTX bankruptcy.

In 2010, twelve years before FTX bankrupted in 2022, the value of a Bitcoin was only $0.09 per bitcoin.  In 2021, the value skyrocketed to $69,789 and continued to decline in 2022.  Finally, it dropped below $18,000 in December 2022 and $16,000 in May 2023 due to FTX bankruptcy.

Knights Templar (Military bankers) have controlled the global economy through wars and currencies for a millennium.  Unless the monetary system changes as I introduced in my book, global citizens cannot avoid the fate since the directors of WW3 aim to take over your properties through the prices of currencies and CBDCs.

Therefore, the question is whether the FTX bankruptcy had been planned before CBDC was launched in the US.  Bankruptcies of banks were planned before 2012 as you can see I, Pet Goat II (2012).  All men in black suits are bankers and brokers in New York.  Therefore, Bitcoins are likely a part of the planned COVID-19 pandemic since bankruptcies of banks were already planned before 2012.  

The FTX bankruptcy hints that your Bitcoin asset can become zero because your transactions are virtual.  This situation is similar to your personal files that are stored on a cloud server.  Keeping a tangible asset in a virtual space is like gambling.

If your presidents are the Pied Pipers in The Economist, who is controlling them?  Can you trust the Pied Pipers if you do not know who is controlling them?  Who are the hidden directors?  Why did the hidden directors plan WW3 150 years ago?  What can replace loans?  How should you penalize all gambling products?  How can we stop this planned recession?  Find out the answers in my book series 2.