Edwin Deagle's 2025 Forecast Of
The Fallen West And The Rising East

By Jane Lim | May 23, 2024

Who Are The Hidden Directors Who Inspired Edwin Deagle?

Edwin Deagle's Forecast Of 2025 Worldwide Population And PPP

If 2025 economic forecast from Dr. Edwin A. Deagle Jr. (1937-2021) is correct, it is more than likely that Muslims will join Marxists and will prevail in WW3.  Nearly 50 more countries have already joined BRICS as of May 2024.   Deagle’s forecast is about 2025 world populations, GDPs and PPPs.  In his forecast,  Israel’s PPP drops to $6,500 (4 digits) and the UK’s PPP drops to 4 digits.   It was reported that the UK has already attacked Russia by Storm Shadow since Ukraine has no skills or powers to use Storm Shadow.

Considering the fact that an American Jesuit, Albert Pike (1809-1891) envisioned WW3, in WW3, Judaists and Muslims both were supposed to be destroyed by Jesuits (Marxists) without knowing that Jewish money and Muslim money may be transferred from the US to Russia and China.  

The Hands Of The Director Of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 Appearing In I, Pet Goat II (2012)

The Survival Of The Vatican Depends On Religious Wars.

A Marxist director, who secretly instructs both Russia and China, aims to improve his political and financial status by rising above all through WW3.  What would you do if the US presidents are helping the hidden director who orchestrates capitalists and communists both?

If a husband and a wife contest in a family court, their wealth is transferred to family law attorneys.  Likewise, if the US wages a war against Russia or China or vice versa, the wealth of the US citizens is transferred to weapon industry, healthcare industry, and banking industry.  And these industries had been operated or funded by Knights Templar (Magicians Of The Temple), who were the armies for popes until 1312 and they have changed the name multiple times since 1312.  At the present time, Knights Templar exist with new names.  One of the names is Skull & Bones (Order 322).  They exist as your presidents in your countries. 

Losing a religious power can make a country disappear from Earth. This is the case of the Vatican whose religion had to penetrate into UN member states through crusades and WW1-2.   

What Are The Threats To The Roman Catholic Church?

Judaism is a threat to the Roman Catholic Church because Elder John, the Jewish author of the Book of Revelation (a Jewish manual of warfare) believes that only 144,000 Jews will survive the final war.  Protestantism is a threat to the Roman Catholic Church because protestants affirmatively believe that the second coming of Jesus will eliminate the need of papacy.  Atheism is a threat to the Roman Catholic Church because atheists believe that the papacy is fraudulent.  Hinduism and Buddhism are threats to the Roman Catholic Church because Hindus and Buddhists believe rebirth meaning that they do not need to pay in order to go to heaven.

Atheists have been involuntarily forced to be involved with religious wars.  Who would create religions to create religious conflicts?   Who would be motivated to use Judaists to destroy Muslims or vice versa?  This is the oldest strategy used in Greek myths.  

If the US attacks the Vatican, the Vatican may use Russia to defend the papacy or vice versa.  The Vatican may instruct Rothschild banking family to use the FRB policies in order to destroy the US or in order to issue sanctions against Russia.

Who Is More Powerful, Your Presidents Or Bankers?

If Rothschild banking family (the founder of Israel) takes over the power of King Charles, it can be assumed that King Charles is motivated to use Muslims to attack Israeli.  If King Charles does not provide weapons for Israel, it can be assumed that Rothschild banking family is motivated to impoverish the UK using inflation and interest rates.  

If Rothschild banking family (the biggest FRB shareholder) takes over the power of the US presidents, it can be assumed that the US presidents are motivated to use Muslims to attack Israel.  If the US presidents do not agree with the FRB shareholders, it can be assumed that the FRB shareholders are motivated to get rid of the US presidents through impeachment or assassination. It can be assumed that Jewish politicians are highly motivated to instruct the US presidents to blame Muslims in order to justify Zionism.  

Schools should teach your children how to solve these problems before a religion disables their critical reasoning skills permanently.  Schools should honestly teach that the laws of Economics are useless.  If they had been useful, Roman Empires would have survived inflations that Knights Templar had injected into Roman Empires.

Inflation is a hidden taxation.    Inflation was the poison that killed Roman Empires.  The poison was made by their own military bankers, the sons of the Vatican.  Cronus was afraid of his children (Zeus and his brothers), who may kill their father Cronus.  History is repetitive simply because Ponzi scheme has never been banned.

Your Presidents Are Pied Pipers.

The leaders of your countries are directed by a hidden director who makes you fight for the benefits of the hidden director.  What is the ultimate goal of the hidden director who works with the lord of money?  Is it not to remove all threats and rise above all?  Some of the hints can be found in the murals of the Denver International Airport.  Much more hints are discussed in my book.

What do you think Israel and Iran (Middle East) should do to prevent WW3?  What do you think the US, the UK, Russia and China should do to prevent WW3?  What do you think you should do to prevent WW3?  Is there a new economic and political system that can fundamentally prevent worldwars or the deep states?  This is the subject of my book.