The Fire In Hawaii And Canada

By Jane Lim | August 24, 2023

Are Revolutionists Behind The Fire In Hawaii And Canada?

An Image Of I, Pet Goat II For Jane Lim's Analysis Of The Fire In Hawaii And Canada.

Why Are Freemasons Revolutionists?

Based on the history, revolutionists and occultists have been behind man-made fires for many millennia.  Druids are related to wicker men that have been used for human sacrifice as a ritual, which was shortly discussed in my book series 2.

If you look at the image of I, Pet Goat II above, you can find many clues that will lead you to the directors of the fire in Hawaii, Canada, Spain and many other countries.   Connect the dots bewteen Revolutionists (puppets for the New World Order), Freemasons who use black and white checkered floor,  Skull and Bones (Masonic Order 322), The Economist and the owner of The Economist, Rothschild.

If you have my book series 2, see Chapter 6 Earth, Wind, Fire, Water And Bioterrorism again.  Which elements have been already used and will be used other than the fire in order to cause more chaos before the New World Order, which is a totalitarian control system?  Is the New World Order Masonic Order 322?   Will the crypto-faces of FRB shareholders disguise themselves as the-soon-to-be-bankrupted in 2023 to lay off bank employees and enable CBDCs?    Likewise, will the crypto-faces of politicians disguise themselves as the saviors in 2024 to enable the New World Order?  Find out the discussions in my book series 2.

If you are the victim of the fire in Hawaii and Canada, I send my best regards to you and your family.

An Image Of I, Pet Goat II Showing Revolution And Black-White Checkered Floor And Skull & Bones (Masonic Order 322) Of Freemasonry.

Is This Revolution (Chaos) Not Masonic Order 322?

An Image Of The Mural Of Denver International Airport And The Economist Showing Trump's Hammer And Revolution

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