By Jane Lim | Updated on March 14, 2023

4 Quizzes Ended Without Winners On Feb. 28, 2023

Thank you for participating in my quiz events.  Unfortunately, the answers that I have received until Feb. 28, are not correct.  Therefore, these quiz events ended without winners.  However, these four quiz events will resume in May 2023 because I understand that it takes time to finish the voluminous books.  I will start accepting more answers from May 1, 2023.  By that time, please do not give up your hope to receive my books ($75-$250) for free!   Enjoy my books and subscribe to my newsletter and YouTube channels since they drop many hints for the past and future quizzes!

Quiz 6
Feb. 1- 28, 2023

Who is this dead leopard in WW3?

Hint: Two YouTube Videos are related to this quiz. 

The answer does not need to be found in the book series 2, Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3.

Quiz 5
Feb. 1 - 14, 2023

A landscape poster of Jane Lim's Quiz 5 about her book series 2, Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 (Part I-III)

Why should we not sell money?  

Why is money not a product to sell?

In other words, why should the prices of money (loan interests) not exist?

Hint: What is the difference between an apple and money in Kong Island? 

Quiz 4
Extended To Feb. 28, 2023

A brain fog is caused by the lack of oxygen when fungal spores cause upper Respiratory Tract Infection (RTI).  Three questions below are related to each other. 


1. What is the byproduct that parasitic fungi make causing you to feel fatigue, aches and cramps in muscles after exercise?

2. Which chemical element (atom) is needed to quickly undo the damages above?


3. Why do you feel cold when you are infected by pathogens?

Quiz 2
Extended To Feb. 28, 2023

Why did Edward Jenner administrate the first vaccine during French Revolution 1 and why was COVID-19 launched during American Revolution 2? 

Quiz 1
Ended on Nov. 14, 2022

What happened on October 13?  List two events other than my book publication date.

Winner: David D. in Michigan

Prize: Book Series 2, Part III

Quiz 3
Ended on Nov. 14, 2022

What is the name of the New Economic System in Directors of COVID-19 Pandemic & WW3 that could replace Quantitative Easing (QE)?

Winner: Laura B. in Texas

Prize: Book Series 1