Trump's Sword And
Toxic Waste Disposal

By Jane Lim | June 7, 2023

What Is The Connection Between Trump's Sword In Denver International Airport Mural And The Toxic Waste Disposal Company In Back To The Future Part II?

An image of The Economist World In 2017 that shows Trump's black tie and Thanos' sickle and an image of his hammer and sword in a mural of Denver International Airport

What Did Trump Say About WW3?


According to The Economic Times and Global News on April 05, 2023, during

Trump’s Florida speech after indictments, Trump said,

According to Newsweek on March 13, 2023, Trump thinks he is the only one who can prevent WW3.   If you look into The Economist (November 26, 2016) above, Trump has something to do with death caused by his judgment.   A black tie symbolizes death.  The black gown of Thanos (Hades) also symbolizes death.  Thanos is a god of death.  A hammer and a sickle in the Tarot card represents communism.


According to Tehran (a news agency) on June 18, 2022, Trump warned of WW3 in 2022.


According to Washington Post on July 18, 2018, Trump said defending tiny NATO ally Montenegro could lead to WW3.


According to Reuters in Moscow on October 12, 2016, Putin ally told Americans to vote Trump or face nuclear war.


Trump’s three statements above in 2023 are related to the movie, Back To The Future II (1989). What did Biff Tannen do in the movie, Back To The Future II about the WW3?   Was he about to stop it or cause it?

What Did Trump Say About Vaccines?


According to Business Insider on November 9, 2016, Trump Thinks Vaccines Are Dangerous.


According to White House on July 27, 2020, Trump said, “We will have a vaccine delivered in record time.”

In the movie, Back To The Future II (1989), Biff is playing the role of Trump who is warned to not cause WW3 and Biff's Toxic Waste Disposal Company appears as DJTT (Donald J. Trump).  Vaccinated bodies are often toxic since pathogens, active ingredients of bioweapon, can infect the bodies if the inoculated bodies fail to produce antibodies to the injected pathogens.   Where have been the infected bodies transported to during the pandemic?   What would you call the place?

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