Why Should You Prioritize
Hygiene Over All Matters?

By Jane Lim | June 9, 2024

The First Step To Treat Infections Is To Disinfect Everything You Touch And Everything That Smells Bad.

Why Is Sunlight The Best Air Cleaner?

Patients commonly think that they would recover if they take medicines.  They do not realize that they live with pathogens inside homes unless they kill them.  It is not difficult to defeat a pathogenic attack if you know the weakness of pathogens.   If you disable spore dispersal or germination of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or fungi, pathogens cannot survive.  I will introduce one method using alkaline properties that work for all three elements below. 

First, if your food is infected (fermented=atom decayed) by invasive and parasitic pathogens, you can flush the food out of your body by taking magnesium (alkaline) or saline water (alkaline) which can be made by dissolving salt in medium hot water.   Sealing foods properly before you store them in the low temperature is an easy method to delay the process of decomposition but it is often ignored by many people.

Second, if your body is infected, you can get yourself exposed to sunlight (alkaline) everyday until your symptoms such as runny nose disappear.  Sunlight is the most lethal weapon that kills nearly all pathogens living inside and outside your body.

Inhale the fresh air 24 hours a day.  The fresh air means that the air does not contain pathogenic spores.  In other words, it means that the air is UV-irradiated either by sunlight or by UV lamps.   Drink alkaline water (H2O) every 4 hours even if you will experience frequent urination due to histamine release when infected.  This is how you can flush the pathogens out of your body.   Alkaline water can be made by irradiating water and you can get additional oxygens through the water (H2O).    You can also suppress infections by keeping yourself under the sunlight (the range of UV wavelength) that disables spore dispersal and germination.

Third, if your home is infected, you must vacate the home immediately.  If you cannot, leave doors and windows open 24 hours a day.  Do not block sunlight (alkaline) in all rooms.   When governments quarantined infected people in hotel rooms where sunlight does not reach their skin, those infected people’s best chance to recover was denied.

If one of the three above was infected, shortly after that, all three become infected.  One example is feces from a person or an animal that ate infected foods or inhaled infected air.   They are now infected through the infected foods or air.   If the feces are not removed immediately, all family members become infected.  The safest way to maintain your good health is to not live with infected people or infected animals if possible.   If you have no choice but living with them, you should never smell feces from patients or pets.  If you smelled it, it means that your body was already infected through the nose.   

At all cost, you must avoid purchasing homes where feces of pets have not been removed immediately or where patients have died of infections.  There should be inspections and regulations in order to penalize those who spread germs to the neighboring environment with or without knowledge.  These are the reasons why you should prioritize hygiene over all matters.  In this case, should you burn infected homes to destroy pathogens?  Which foods should you eat to remove the bad smell of your feces?   Find out the answers in my book.

Why Can People With Mental Illness Not Sleep?

Sunlight converts your cholesterol to vitamin D. It is not vitamin D but sunlight that makes your bone strong.  Likewise, sunlight converts melanin to melatonin which is a hormone that helps you fall asleep.   When melanin of your skin is exposed to sunlight, melatonin is produced.  It is not a drug but sunlight that should help you sleep.

Instead of relying on a cholesterol lowering drug or a sleeping pill, it is better to permanently get rid of underlying causes.   By regulating the hormone that has been imbalanced by infections, you can enjoy your sleep as you did before.    Patients with mental illness or Parkinson’s disease cannot sleep at night because the production of hormone is disabled when pathogens disrupt the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) producing acids as a result.   

Many people erroneoulsy think mental illness is a genetic disorder.  It is an environmental disease caused by invasive pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or fungi.   Because family members share the same environment and because pathogens never leave the environment, all occupants become eventually diagnosed with the same disease, which is the reason why your pet can also have the disease that you have. 

Then, can a mental illness be cured permanently?   Why do patients with a mental disorder have high levels of histamine?  Find out more in my book.  If you have my book, see also pp. 314-316.