TB, LAM-ELISA And Elisa Lam

By Jane Lim | Updated on November 30, 2022 | Posted on November 19, 2015

How Did LAM-ELISA Know Of  Elisa Lam's  Tuberculosis?

How Did LAM-ELISA Know Of  Elisa Lam's  Tuberculosis?

Mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes Tuberculosis (TB) is tested by a test called “LAM-ELISA” and this test kit was made before 2009.

On August 27, 2009, Biomed Central reported that Urine LAM-ELISA does not appear to be useful as an independent diagnostic test for pulmonary tuberculosis. A trial of the new diagnostic found that it was only capable of identifying 50.7 percent of TB cases and this 50.7% sensitivity of the LAM-ELISA was disappointingly low. The specificity of 87.8 % also fell far short of expectations.

On February 19, 2013, a Canadian tourist, who was visiting California, “Elisa Lam” was found dead in a water tank of the Cecil hotel in LA County.  The hotel guests used the water to take a shower or to drink without knowing that the water was contaminated by her decayed body.   It was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that about 4,500 people have been infected by TB during this period.

TB is an infectious disease caused by various strains of Mycobacteria, usually Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine is made with live attenuated strain of Mycobacterium bovis monosodium glutamate (MSG), and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80). The BCG vaccine targets TB.  In 2009, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported 9.4 million cases of TB and 1.7 million deaths worldwide. TB is the leading cause of death by a single, treatable infectious disease.

It is important to know that without knowing the name of the species to which patients have been exposed, taking antibody tests is a waste.  In other words, LAM-ELISA (test targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis) will be useful only for the patients, who are infected by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Was Elisa Lam a target to infect by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is tested by LAM-ELISA?  BCG vaccine can also infect animals and humans whose immune systems are vulnerable.   Was Elisa Lam a target to infect more people for the sales increase ($435-600 per unit) and the evaluation of diagnostic accuracy of LAM-ELISA?  This question remains unanswered as of today because the investigation was terminated concluding that her death was “accidental.”

The best way to incubate pathogens is providing the perfect environment such as water tanks that are not irradiated by the sunlight.  Elisa Lam was missing for nearly three weeks, which are the perfect period to incubate Mycobacterium tuberculosis and transmit the disease through the water tank. An infection can cause bloated tummy and internal bleeding which can be misunderstood as a sexual assault.

Elisa Lam was seen in a YouTube video, which was released by the police department, and her strange behavior was recorded by the hotel elevator camera.  Patients with infectious diseases suffer from hallucination and delusion because pathogens (by yielding acids) destroy electrons, which are essential for neurotransmitters. Those patients suffer from autoimmune diseases including mental illness in their later lives.  Many patients, who are infected by bacteria, fungi, or virus, are left without treatment because diagnosis is difficult when only a few assays are available by the current health insurance policies while millions of species are estimated to exist.

A zombie ant infected with the parasitic fungus bites the neck of one of its dead fellows, mistaking it for a leaf vein.  Scientists discovered four new species of fungus that infect ants, take over their bodies, and eventually kill them in a place that is just right for the organism to grow inside them (Sample, I. “Fungi that create ‘zombie ants’ discovered in Brazilian jungle”. The Guardian, Mar 2, 2011).

Audience may have been misled by the people, who believe that paranormal activities caused her death. We may have to consider the facts that the video and autopsy report (delayed many times) were not released immediately and the video appears to be edited. The elevator door in her hotel may have been manipulated or operated by the person, who opened the water tank, which was locked.  The killer may have used the camera to make people believe that she probably committed suicide or died accidentally due to her mental illness.

Was Elisa Lam infected by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which LAM-ELISA target? Was Elisa Lam a victim of the LAM-ELISA experiment to examine pathogenic behavior in human brains?  Is Elisa Lam's death a result of bioterrorism?

Schizophrenia, bipolar, or autism can be treated either by antifungal or antibacterial medicines depending on the pathogens that infected the brains or by hormones that are imbalanced by the infection.  The infection is also treated by alkaline properties such as minerals in vegetables.

When our DNA is mutated by parasitic infections, the behavior of the hosts changes due to the information processing errors.  This happens when our body compositions (atoms) begin to decay by the light scramblers (pathogens) that cause deprotonation.   This error can be fixed by the powerful electron donor, sunlight that inhibits the mutation and repairs the damaged DNAs by destroying the electron destroyers, parasitic pathogens.   Genius brain is measured at about 80 MHz while the infected brain is measured at about 40 Mhz.

The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi by Jane Lim.